Women have always been traditionally wearing bangles, and scientifically too, it is supposed to benefit by improving blood circulation. Bangles symbolize good luck and prosperity, and black bangles are said to ward off the evil eye. It is for this reason we see black plastic or rubber bangles on the hands of babies. Pregnant women wear bangles as a part of the custom as the jingling of the bangles provides acoustic stimuli to the unborn child.

There is a wide variety of metal bangles along with bangles made of plastic, glass, gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, etc. You can find bangles of a different color to match any outfit. There are lightweight gold bangles embellished with diamonds for everyday use, as well as traditional bridal designs made in gold in the form of kadas with peacock motifs. Mirror work thread bangles for every color you can imagine are popular with girls to match their outfits.

Some of the other types of bangles are those with kundan work, wooden bangles, Kerala palakka bangles, coral and pearl bangles, stone studded, tribal silver bangles, meenakari work, fancy stackable bangles, oxidized bangles, bangles studded with precious stones, etc. There are bangles made of stainless steel, gold, brass, copper, D-bar handcuff style, and leather braided in sturdy designs. Some types of bangles are worn customarily during weddings. Each state has a bangle that has a unique kind of bangle that belongs to them. So get ready to grab and flaunt the bangle that suits your personality!

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