Nail Art

Nail art is an expression of creativity that enhances the beauty of a woman’s hands. Bright colors in contrasting combinations are used in nail art themes to create mind-blowing designs and patterns. Nail artistry is practiced on both real and fake nails and can look amazing on well-manicured hands.

There is no shortage of designs in nail art as it ranges from psychedelic designs to floral patterns using daisies, sunflowers, fruity designs, and butterflies. Holiday nail art has cute santas, reindeers, and snowflakes, and some of the other favorites liked are kitties, cupcakes, spiders, hearts, mosaic, animal print, etc. Another popular design among youngsters is white polka dots in a black background.

Gel nail art designs have a shinier look to it. Nail tattoo designs, Graffiti nail art, and 3D nail art, glitter nail art, acrylic nail art, airbrush nail art, crystal nail art are some of the trendiest designs you can choose from for your nails.

Nail art has gained so much popularity that one can use it for formal as well as informal occasions. One has ample freedom and opportunity for creativity via this subtle art form. Practice and steady hands are all that you need to create a perfect design to leave an unforgettable impression in the beholder’s eyes!

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