7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

To make a Sponge Nail Art Design on your nails, you need a few different colors of nail paints and a sponge. A coat needs to be applied as base the rest of the colors will be added on the sponge and then patted on the nails. This would make the colors merge into each other without having any border line which shows their partition.

1. Simple Sponge Nail Design:

7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

First paint all the nails with chrome yellow and let it dry. Then take orange nail paint on a sponge and pat it on one half of the nail. The end should have a darker effect of orange nail paint and the middle should have little of orange and little of yellow which would make both the colors look as if they have merged into each other, giving the actual sponge nail art effect.  Please note that the base should be of a lighter color so that when the sponge is used with a darker shade, the lighter color won’t be visible.

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2. Shades of Blue Used in a Sponge Nail Art Design:

7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

The nail art looks completely mesmerizing. First, paint your nails with a light sea greenish blue nail color, then take a darker blue in the sponge and pat them on the lower side of the nail. The portion in between should neither be too dark nor too light, which would make the colors mix with each other beautifully.

3. Hearts on The Sponge Nail Art Designs:

7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

Lovely shades of cream and white should be applied on different nails alternatively, or in the way as shown in the picture below. Take the cream color nail paint and draw a heart in the middle of the nails painted with white. Now take peach nail paint on a sponge and paint the upper half of the hearts.

4. Funky Sponge Nail Art:

7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

Funkiness is trend. Paint your nails with light colors like pinkish peach and take black nail paint on the sponge. Color the nails and keep one nail to be painted completely black. Coat glitter nail paints on the top and then stick stickers for the nail arts just as we see in the picture. Stars and circles are commonly used. A sticker in the shape of a music note would make it look funkier. This is the best Sponge Nail Art Design for beginners.

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5. Double Sponge Nail Art Design:

7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

This is one of the most difficult and interesting nail art Design you can ever find. First paint your nails white then from the top to the bottom take different shades of violet and paint them with a sponge.  The paint merges and it has light colors at the top and dark colors in the end. Now do the same thing in the opposite direction. Paint white again and sponge shades violet from bottom to the top. Now both the coats are in different directions and all you need is a nail stick to make three strips in between and to make both the coats visible.

6. White and Blue Sponge Nail Design:

7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

Paint all your nails white neatly and then take sky bluish nail paint on the sponge and pat vertically on the right half of the nails and your half done. To add on to the nail art you can take a thin nail brush and make designs in contrasting dark colors.

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7. Colorful Sponge Nail Art:

7 Best Sponge Nail Art Designs

We can see how all the four colors of red, blue, yellow and green are put in a sponge and painted one by one, beautifully merging all the four colors together and giving it gorgeous look. But most probably taking all the four colors in one sponge, altogether, might not work the right way. In that case all you need to do is, paint them one after another patting the colors on the sponge and then on your nails.

Sponge nail art designs are the best nail art ideas for beginners. This designs are very effective for your nails.