Men and women face this problem of accumulation of fat on different parts of their bodies and look for exercises to reduce. Activities for spot fat reduction on hips, for ankle fat, hips, belly, love handles, thighs, and waist are sought after by people as these are common areas where stubborn fat gets accumulated. Warm-up exercises are essential before one embarks on regular exercise and must learn to do it the right way.

It is best to begin exercises at an early age for kids so that it becomes a part of their lives, and by teaching this habit of exercising, you have a healthy child. There are vestibular exercises for balance, flexibility, isometric exercises, and dance exercises to bring some fun into the monotony of exercise.

There are different forms of exercises, such as yoga, aerobic, barbell, crunches, cycling, Kettlebell, etc. By performing a regular exercise regimen, it not only strengthens you but also improves your endurance level.

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