If you are among those who have been struggling to lose your tummy fat irrespective of exercise and diet, then you must adhere to the golden rules to reduce belly fat. Before taking steps to reduce abdominal fat, one must take into consideration the root causes that have led to fat accumulation. Sometimes a mere change in your lifestyle can help you get rid of this unsightly fat!

Some of the common triggers for tummy fat could be sleep deprivation, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise. Just any activity is not sufficient, but the emphasis on full-body exercises is required. Instead of harsh diets, portion control is crucial to get rid of belly fat. The other common factors would be eliminating junk food, reducing salt intake, staying stress-free, and avoiding dehydration.

Ensure that the time between your meals is less as this avoids overeating or binge eating. The age-old tradition of taking lemon juice in warm water works wonders for your body as it helps in detoxification and cleanses your body.

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