Pendants hold an important place in the jewellery segment for both men and women! These beautiful ornaments adorn a chain and add more value to the chain. Interestingly, the original pendants were more like amulets or talismans that were meant to ward off evil spirits. Today, pendants are usually detachable accessories that come in myriad colors, styles, materials and shapes.

Depending on the shape and style, pendants carry a lot of symbolism too. For instance, if we take an evil eye pendant, it is meant to ward off negative energies. Similarly, a heart symbol or a memory pendant with photographs indicate love and affection. This makes pendants or lockets wonderful gifting options to friends and family.

To make your search easy, we have put together a set of articles that exclusive talk about pendants. By checking out this page, you can explore tons of latest pendant models of different types like diamond pendants, gold pendants, silver pendants, love pendants, religious pendants etc.

Each article features high quality images and detailed descriptions of pendant designs. You can understand about the materials, cuts and type of chains they go well with.

This information will enhance your existing knowledge about pendants and give you an insight on the trending designs and styles. So, you can get a clear idea before you walk into a store and buy a pendant for yourself or your loved ones.

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