Pearls make fabulous jewellery and are a symbol of purity with a calming effect. People believe that using pearls in jewellery brings good fortune and luck. Pearl jewellery has a timeless beauty, and a string of pearls is sufficient to make a woman look elegant irrespective of her age. Spiritually they symbolize wisdom, and people gift pearls as they bring good luck and fortune. Natural pearls are expensive, unlike cultured pearls, which can be afforded by all. They come in different hues from white to pastel shades.

The Japanese Akoya pearls are very famous and are cultured pearls. Their colors range from white, silver, and blue. The Tahitian black pearls are darker in colour, and the saltwater pearls are the South Sea pearls. Ensure that you buy pearls from a reputed shop as there are a lot of fake pearls. Pearls used in earrings, broaches, pendants, bracelets, and rings are a beautiful way to showcase its beauty and elegance.

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