Nose Rings

It is a common custom found among Indian women to wear a nose ring, and this does not pertain only to Hindu women. Earlier it was a symbol of being a married woman, and in some parts, it symbolized the status of your wealth. There was also a time when piercing your nose was a sign of rebellion. Today nose rings are an acceptable fashion accessory. Married and unmarried women wear it.

In Ayurveda, the piercing of a woman’s left nostril is considered beneficial for fertility and reproductive organs. Nose rings can be in the form of studs or rings and add to the beauty and charm of a woman. A woman need not have her nose pierced to wear a nose ring, as clip-on nose rings and pressing nose pins are available in different designs.

Designer nose pins give women a wide variety to choose from as they come in different cute designs and worn according to the occasion. There are daily wear nose pins that come with a single small diamond stone or in various coloured stones. Wearing a nose ring as a fashion accessory is gaining popularity among youngsters who like experimenting with different types and designs. Black nose rings carry a bold chic look and have a touch of modernity to it.

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