The term mangalsutra means auspicious thread and is an integral part of both North and South Indian weddings. It is tied by the bridegroom around the bride’s neck, referring to the Holy union between two people. Christians also follow this custom in addition to the wedding ring. The mangalsutra consists of black beads with a gold pendant; the black beads in a mangalsutra are supposed to absorb negative energy. In the South, it is a thread smeared with turmeric and has a gold pendant. Some people replace the thread with a gold chain and is called thaali down South.

There are different variations in the designs where the pendant can be either in diamonds or coloured gemstones and consists of intricate designs. Some women prefer to keep it small and classy, and for some, it is a style quotient, and they gain inspiration from Bollywood celebrities. One will be surprised at the trending collection of North Indian mangalsutra designs available, and they can be worn either long or short according to individual preference. Women today opt for sleeker designs as it will suit both traditional and Western outfits.

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