Lockets, also known as pendants, come in different shapes and sizes and are ornaments that dangle from a chain. One chooses a locket based on what they relate to, or it could reflect one’s personality. Love lockets are selected by those who want to profess their love to their beloved. They come in different shapes, and the most preferred ones are those that are heart-shaped. Some like to wear birthstones as a pendant, and some like to wear their zodiac signs.

Some people have several pendants for their chain and keep changing according to their wish, and then some buy a locket because it holds a deeper meaning for them. Pendants are held memorable

by some who receive them as gifts, antique lockets with a clock inside, a pendant resembling a pen drive, some even wear their loved one’s initials, some wear their name, etc. Lockets are made of plain gold, silver, platinum, etc.with customized designs and are a fashion accessory used by both men and women that remains with you forever.

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