Among various ornaments, chains hold a unique position and are immensely popular and liked by men and women of all ages. The chains are of different lengths and worn according to the occasion. Traditional heavy chains are worn for festivals and weddings, whereas lighter and smaller chains worn for everyday use. Irrespective of their length, chains come in a wide plethora of patterns and designs.

Men look incredibly chic and classy wearing the Figaro chains in silver, and young girls prefer to wear the short, thin, lightweight gold chains. These chains come in18-carat gold that is easy to fashion into appealing designs. Women wear 24-carat gold chains with pendants regularly and keep their heavy chains for grander occasions.

Platinum chains are expensive and make perfect gifts, especially for special events. For those who are looking for budget-friendly chains, they can always opt for gold-plated chains. Another popular design among women is double-stranded chains. White gold and rose gold chains are extremely popular with men compared to the conventional gold and silver chains. There is an evergreen demand for chains, and they never go out of fashion. Each chain has a unique pattern according to the length and the type of metal used.

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