Bangles are firmer, whereas bracelets are flexible with a clasp, and they are looser with a cuff type design. Exquisite bracelets are made using sterling silver or in gold studded with precious gemstones. The designs are stylish and are worn by men and women. It is trendy for men to wear bracelets with rudraksha. Another popular one for men is to have one made with a leather strap, Tungsten plated, and copper that is said to have healing powers. Both men and women wear magnetic bracelets.

Bangle bracelets are a combination of both styles and worn daily. Funky beaded bracelets or friendship bracelets are trendy among youngsters. Bracelets make good fashion accessories as it depicts a person’s personality and has a unique style to it. They can be customized bracelets with your favourite quotes engraved on the inside or on the outside for both men and women and make good anniversary gifts. One can even make a DIY bracelet that carries a personalized touch to it, which you gift it to your near and dear ones!

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