It is a common belief thatbirthstones have protective power vested in them that brings good fortune andluck. It is customary for people to wear birthstones according to their birthmonth. Each month has a designated birthstone to it and worn in the form ofrings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc. Some birthstones give you peace ofmind. Ensure that you buy birthstones from reputed jewelers to gain fullbenefit from their stones.

January has Garnet as its birthstone that has a stabilizing effect on you. Amethyst of February helps youface any obstacle, has healing power, and removes any negativity. March hasAquamarine that is a calming stone, helps combats stress, brings happiness andlove. It dispels any negative energy. Diamond is the birthstone in April thatmakes you strong.

One must be cautious as it is known sometimes to amplify negative as well as positive energy in some people. It is a protective stone, treats several medical conditions. Emerald of May is related to wisdom, love, and has a detoxifying effect. June’s birthstone pearl induces stability in marriage and has a calming effect. Ruby of July brings harmony, safeguards from evil, provides success, removes negativity, and gives you strength. August has Peridot, which is a symbol of strength and combats lethargy. Sapphire of September is a symbol of purity; It denotes loyalty treats several health conditions and protects from evil.

Opal of October is a symbol of faithfulness, helps to have a strong memory, and protects from evil. November has two birthstones in the form of citrine, and topaz meant to have healing properties. It symbolize affection, prevents negative emotions. Finally, December has turquoise that symbolizes good fortune, protects the wearer from danger, and has healing power. Though science treats birthstones as just minerals, it is one’s belief and faith that symbolizes these stones to be otherwise having protective healing powers!

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