The custom of wearing anklets is an age-old tradition among young girls and women. There is a belief that silver anklets have a way of bringing back positivity to the body. Today anklets are common in fashion accessories worn by both men and women. Earlier, they were made only in silver and gold, but today the choice is so extensive and anklets created using innovative designs.

Delicate anklets are made with pearls and crystals, beaded anklets on a thin black string, cool leather anklets with cute designs hanging from it. Some even wear their birthstone on their anklets. For youngsters, there are funky anklets made with letters and bright-colored beads youngsters, and there are infinity anklets for babies. No one can deny the classy antique look ofKholkhal anklets and the Ajmeripayal that makes the wearer’s presence felt with its jingling sound. Not all anklets have a lot of bells on them. Some designs have a single bell that gives out a sweet light tinkle as you walk.

There are creative designs with young girls wearing hearts and stars on their anklets. The boys and men are not far behind as they have a lot of varieties to choose from. They range from adjustable leather anklets, black pearl anklets, handmade gold anchor anklets, gemstone anklets, braided rope anklets, red tiger eye fancy anklets, etc. Wearing the right anklet can make you look like a diva even in a simple outfit and make heads turn!

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