Regardless of how many new pant styles enter the market, a pair of jeans always remains our constant favorite. Jeans, originally made from denim cloth were once made for the worker communities due to their toughness and practical value. Today, jeans find themselves in a very different context! They symbolizecomfort, durability and low maintainence which makes them ideal bottom wear for all age groups.

Since jeans are a staple piece of clothing in every closet, we have reserved a category to explore this segment in detail. Why do we need a special category for jeans? Because of the myriad types and designs which cater to many body types, occasions and fits. From retro bootcuts to style ankle cut jeans, there are so many jeans styles for men and women.

So, what can you expect from this category? A wide range of articles which showcase the latest models and styles in jeans with pictures. This page serves like a mini-guide to explore the trends in the jeans segment with clear descriptions on colors, fits, body types etc. Additionally, we also have value-added information like features of each jeans model and styling tips to help you identify them and wear them better.

Some of the popular articles that you will love reading in this category are – Branded jeans like Levi’s, Pepe’s, Wrangler etc. , Colored jeans like green, white, black, red etc., designs like bootcuts, cargo jeans, low-rise, mid-rise, skinny, distressed, hip hop and many more.

So, if you are a person who thinks you can never have too many jeans – simply bookmark this category and keep checking out for the latest updates to upgrade your closet!

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