We have 29 different types of bras available in the market of India. All brands are designing their design in these types only. Each bra has a style and it has some subset styles in it. The demi-cup bra is also one among 29 types.

What Is Demi Cup Bra:

Demi cup bra means a partial cup bra which is also known as shelf bra or cleavage bra covering about one-third of the breast. This bra is suitable only for the low-cut outer garment. Bras are there even with padded demi cup. Some of the Branded Demi Cup Bras in India are Followed:

Best Demi Cup Bras In India With Images:

1. DKNY:

Best Demi Cup Bra Brands Available In India -Our Top 8

DKNY is launched in New York by the founder of Donna Karan in 1984. Its products are fashion goods with leather goods and watches. Fabrics of DKNY contain Nylon, elastane. Cups are made of nylon and elastane. Lace is made of nylon, elastane and polyester. It contains soft microfiber with great cleavage.

2. Calvin Klein:

Best Demi Cup Bra Brands Available In India -Our Top 8

Calvin Klein is an industry of apparel, perfume and fashion. It was launched in 1968 by Calvin Klien in New York State. Calvin has a lot of collections like T-Shirt bra, Naked Touch Push-Up Bra what nought so many. All these collections are of demi-cup style. In this style, straps are converted to different styles. These demi-cup bras are seamless, stretched microfibre cups with overlay.

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3. Chantelle:

Best Demi Cup Bra Brands Available In India -Our Top 8

Chantelle was founded by Francois Auguste Gamichon at France in 1876. Its Products are Bras, panties, hosiery and lingerie. It has different collections like illusion demi spacer, mademoiselle foam T-shirt bra, Merci demi etc all are demi cup styles. Cups are made of spacer fabric with partially adjustable straps. It has spaghetti straps with contrasting stitch detail and all these are designed in France.

4. Natori:

Best Demi Cup Bra Brands Available In India -Our Top 8

Natori is one of the women’s fashion designers who got manufactured in New York. It got named after its founder Josie Natori in 1977. It has a lot of collections with different demi cup styles like maternity bra, Feathers front –close, understated t-shirt bra etc. It manufactures the bras with fabrics like rayon, cotton, spandex and polyester with beautiful lace, sling and embroidery. This product can be imported from where it originated. It is one of the best and perfect branded demi-cup bra for girls and ladies.

5. Spanx:

Best Demi Cup Bra Brands Available In India -Our Top 8

Spanx is an apparel industry founded in Atlanta Georgia U.S by Sara Blakely on 15 February in the year 2000.  It is an American hosiery company. Its specializations are garments including bodysuit shapewear. Spanx has different collections in demi-cup style. Collections are Pillow Cup signature in a push-up, Strapless, Racerback, and Boostie-Yay etc. It is a super soft stretch fibre which includes nylon and spandex.

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6. Bali:

Best Demi Cup Bra Brands Available In India -Our Top 8

Bali is an apparel industry founded in 1927 in the United States. Its founder is Sara stein. These brand products are Bras, panties, sleepwear and hosiery. It manufactures different styles of bras among them demi-cup bra is also one style. It as collections in demi-cup style, some of them are comfort Revolution wire-free bra, comfort revolution convertible bra and live it up free bra etc with a different style. Each collection will be unique with its own style. Its fabrics are nylon, spandex and polyester. Its cup pad contains 100% polyurethane foam.

7. Cosabella:

Best Demi Cup Bra Brands Available In India -Our Top 8

Cosabella has founded in 1983 in Italy. It is a high-end lingerie brand in headquarters Miami. Founded by Valeria Campello. It has a lot of collections in style. Among them demi-cup style it collections are Talco Microfiber wire-free, Soire Convertible T-Shirt, Never say never Compile, Trenta Bralette with different styles. It has a lightweight breathable spacer. Fabrics include Viscose, Spandex and Polyamide.

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8. Anita:

Best Demi Cup Bra Brands Available In India -Our Top 8

Anita is said as one of the best brands which are trustworthy from ancient days. As it is launched in 1886. It has different collections in its brand. Demi cup fabric contains Nylon and elastane with stretch microfiber with smooth molded double-layer cups.