Pimples is one of the most common problems that affects many teens and adults. It is a skin condition that is caused when dead skin cells, sebum or hair follicles clog the pores. The result? Ugly pimples or acne that look like pus-pilled bumps on your face, neck, back and sometimes even the rest of the body. While pimples are not life-threatening, they are quite annoying in many ways.

Pimples turn into your worst enemies on days when you expect to look flawless like a party or a wedding. The ugly zits on your face ruin your look and can even leave you writhing with facial pain. Well, you are not alone! We have faced this issue in our lives too and put our experiences down for you. In this category, you will explore a variety of articles that deal with pimples and acne.

You will learn what causes pimples, which is the first step to dealing with the problem. There is valuable information on how to overcome pimples related to each of these factors using simple, natural remedies, tips, lifestyle changes and anti-pimple products. Get to know a wide range of homemade toners and face masks to deal with pimples safely and effectively. Each recipe comes with a detailed explanation of the ingredients and how it works. Along with pimples, these products and remedies will lighten skin scars, pimple spots and blemishes!

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