Mehndi is an integral and important part of the Indian culture. From Bollywood to local folklore, this art of decorating body with beautiful Henna designs has inspired many lyricists and musicians. Such the beauty of Mehndi! The history of Mehndi is as old as our culture itself when locals used a paste of crushed henna leaves to color their skin as a form of a semi-permanent tattoo.

Gradually, this trend became quite popular during the Mughal period, when Mehndi was given greater prominence than ever. Intricate details reflecting nature and the then customs and traditions took centerstage in Indian weddings. Infact, it’s hard to imagine an Indian wedding, irrespective of religion or caste, without the bride and groom decorating their hands with Mehndi. The rule is that “the brighter the pigment of your mehndi, the happier your life will be”!

So, when this tradition has so much scope for Mehndi, it makes perfect sense to have a dedicated category to discuss this topic in detail.

In here, you will find a number of articles covering a variety of Mehndi designs for Women, men and kids. From simple palm Mehndi to elaborate bridals Mehndi, circular mehndi, Arabic mehndi, Indian mehndi, festive Mehndi, front and back hand mehndi, leg mehndi, foot mehndi, full arm mehndi etc. there are thousands of pictures with details to inspire you!

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