Eye Makeup

Not many are aware that the right kind of eye makeup can make you look confident and do much to boost your self-esteem. All you need to do to define your eyes is to apply an eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara to make your eyes stand out. You can curl your eyelashes with curlers to make your eyes look alluring. Eye makeup can create an illusion that can make your eyes look wider and attractive.

Another popular eye makeup that creates a sultry bold look is the smokey eyes look. In this eye makeup, different shades of black, along with variations of grey, used to give a sensual and graceful look to the eyes.You can even highlight your eyes with regular kohl to highlight your eyes and draw attention to it.

There are different types of eye makeup that one can experiment with right from natural eye makeup that uses light outlining with kohl, and then comes the bold shimmery look, which is ideal for parties. You can apply the eyeliner just on the edges to get the cat eyes, whereas a gradient look have you applying a lighter shade of eye shadow that grows darker towards the end. The use of heavy eyeliner to contour thick outlines that leaves you with a ravishing look!

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