Braid Hairstyles

We have all had our hair braided into traditional plaits, but did you know you can braid your hair using different styles. They need not always hang down your back but can be styled into an updo and give you a sophisticated look. The different kinds of braids for long and short hair are fishtail braids, rope braids, French braids, cornrow braids, crochet braids, trendy micro braid hairstyles, etc.

It is not difficult to braid your hair as braiding is one of the versatile hairstyles. Irrespective of your hair texture or shape of your face, they can be fashioned to look super classy. You can wear this braided style gracefully for a wedding and as well as for a formal official meeting. Women are very fond of the French braid style as it is an open secret that it makes one look elegant and classy. Some famous braids are the waterfall braids, braided bangs hairstyle, crown braid, tree braid, etc. For some of the braid hairstyles, you can use hair extensions.

There are several articles online that show you different ways to braid your hair. It may look complicated initially, but with practice, you can braid your hair effortlessly in no time and step out with a chic look.

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