The Genius Gift I Bring To Every Child’s Birthday Party

kids birthday gift

Being a parent of a school-aged kid means birthday parties. Lots of ‘em. And birthday parties mean gifts, especially in the South. Even when parents specify “no presents, please” on the invitation, guests will inevitably leave a tower of brightly colored bags and boxes for the birthday girl or boy.

In most cases, you, the parent, are stuck with the impossible task of choosing a gift for someone from a completely different generation, whom you may not have even met. Do they like board games? And do they already have Monopoly: Star Wars Boba Fett Edition? Is Pokemon still cool? What the heck are Jibbitz? (Answer: small, colorful charms made specifically for Crocs shoes. Who knew.) In the end, you’ll probably spend way more than you want on something you’re not sure the recipient will even like. And then there’s next weekend’s party to think about.

I have found myself in this situation in the toy store aisle, or scrolling through Amazon, more times than I’d like to admit. Until I finally found the Holy Grail of birthday gifts. It’s cheap, it’s appropriate for any gender and many different ages, it doesn’t require batteries, it can be ordered in bulk, and it even inspires creativity. It’s a Blank Comic Book. The paperback contains about 100 pages of empty panels (on nice paper stock) that are begging to be filled in with superheroes, Jibbitz-stealing villains, or anything else a kid could dream up.

comic book

BUY IT: $3.99; 

I bought one on a whim for my seven-year-old who enjoys drawing and storytelling and it has become one of his favorite activities. He loves showing off his work as much as filling in the panels. And I love that it helps ignite his imagination and improves his writing skills.

Pair the Blank Comic Book with a package of rainbow-hued gel pens or markers, toss them in a gift bag, and you’ll have a present that’s ready to go for the next birthday party that’s right around the corner. Better yet, stock up and never have to frantically pace the toy aisle ever again!