Antique necklace is a type of jewellery which represents a previous era or a time period in human society. These types of jewels are passed on from generation to another and are a kind of blessings from the elders. These necklaces carry emotions of a family also and are a heritage ornament. Antique necklace are made of precious gems and the craftsmanship of the necklace is amazing leaving you speechless.

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

The necklace can be designed into any metal like gold, diamond, emeralds or silver also. Antique necklace gives you royal and a classy touch. Let’s see some top antique necklace designs.

Best Antique Necklace Designs:

Here are the 9 best antique necklace designs as follows.

1. Pure Gold Antique Necklace:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

Gold is a metal which is popular since ancient time’s .Kings and Emperors used to wear necklace made of pure gold as it used to depict royalty of a person. Generally antique necklaces were crafted in pure gold and the craftsmanship done on the necklace was mind blowing. These types of antique gold necklace can be worn in weddings or on any auspicious occasion making you look graceful and classy.

2. Bridal Antique Necklaces:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

Now day’s bridal like to wear antique necklace on their wedding day .As these necklace are unique and make you look gorgeous and different from others, because of these qualities bridals appreciate to wear these necklaces on their the day . These necklaces are very heavy and red ruby and kundan embossed in it makes it look out of the world.

3. Breathtaking Antique Necklaces:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

Though this necklace looks simple but at the first glance you can fall in love with this antique necklace. The combination of all the precious gems like ruby, emerald, pearl, diamond and kundan makes the necklace appear awesome. This type of necklace can be worn on light parties as well in cool hangouts also making you look cool and stylish. It can gel with any kind of outfit you prefer.

4. Antique Necklace With Ruby And Goddess Embossed:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

The matching of ruby and gold is there since centuries and is even a great combination. The necklace is designed in the form of leaf and in between the dollar has a figure of goddess. The entire concept of designing is different from other types of necklace thus making it appear unique from others. It is the best antique gold necklace.

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5. Spiritual Antique Necklaces:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

Some people have spiritual bend of thoughts and they want to wear necklace or ornaments related to that. So, this gold antique necklace is the perfect choice for them as the hanging consist the portrait of “Lord Krishna” and the craftsmanship engraved on it is out of the world. You can even engrave any other lord portrait as per your desire.

6. Kundan Antique Necklace:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

Kundan is also a form of gold and created after lot of hardship. The antique necklace crafted with kundan has a sparking and royal look. In this necklace pearl and golden balls are hanged all around the necklace which enhance the beauty of your neckline as well as the necklace. Ruby and emerald used in between the necklace increase the value of the jewel.

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7. Designer Ruby Antique Necklaces:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

Designers have crafted an antique necklace giving it a unique and stylish look. The necklace is made in the shape of a star; the rubies are studded gives the jewel a sparkling looks at first glance. The chain is made of thin wires of gold tangled together to form a strong chain thus making the set appear trendy and make you look fashionable. It is one of the popular gold antique necklace designs.

8. Pearl Jhumka Antique Necklace:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

Jhumka are a form bells and are very much in tradition in Indian culture. In this set the use of ruby is studded in a particular way and beneath that jhumka is hanged which has the hanging of pearl, make the necklace visualize extra ordinary. The entire craftsmanship of the necklace is beautiful and would be perfect for any occasion you desire.

9. Traditional Indian Antique Necklaces:

Top 9 Antique Necklace Designs

Here comes a traditional Indian antique necklace for you which are made in gold. The gold is designed and styled in a pattern of spiral wheels and on the edges small golden beads are used. The hanging in between is designed of golden wheel and precious stone ruby. These types of necklace are generally worn on weddings as well on any special occasion and look good with traditional wears. This is one of the best antique gold necklace designs.

Antiques necklaces are the ones which are different from others and are valuable also. As these necklaces are made of precious stones, so they can pick your pockets on higher side. But on the same time they make you look graceful, pretty and different from others. Comments would keep on pouring thus make you feel special also. Thus antique necklace is the perfect choice for weddings and for auspicious, special occasions also.