Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

Sunny’s big break came during the Big Boss game show where she was flown in to participate, the show being one of the Indian versions of the Big Brother. Prior to this, Leone was one of the internationally acclaimed film celebrity, who later after her arrival to India moved into the show biz, her one of the first very films being Jism2. This Indo-Canadian actress however, made a platform for her in the Bollywood scene with her latest talents including hosting the youth show Splitsvilla. Always a diva, Sunny has always portrayed herself to be one of the best faces in the industry. However, it is quite possible that stars without their makeup might look quite the different person than what they actually are.

Stunning Pictures Sunny Leone Without Makeup:

In this article today, we shall discuss about the various look books of Sunny Leone without any makeup on herself.

1. Selfie Game:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

Rocking the selfie game, clearly emerging as one of the winners, Sunny Leone in this picture looks absolutely off the rocker beautiful, with her flawless face portraying her beauty is unbound even behind the camera lenses. As she smiled sweetly for the camera, we could see she had no possible signs of makeup on her face.

2. Car Picture:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

This picture was taken on one of her car rides probably from or to work. The close up of her without makeup face almost makes her unrecognizable and yet that milky textured spotless skin looks simply divine. The soft brown around her eyes indeed show her tiredness as she rides to work.

3. The Blessing:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

It was Mahesh Bhatt, one of the famous Bollywood directors, who first saw the talent in Leone, when he visited her on the set of Big Boss. In this picture, we see a pleased Mahesh Bhatt reaching out to Sunny, blessing her for her new path to Hindi Cinema and more primarily Bollywood. In this pic sunny wears no makeup on her flawless face skin.

4. Minimalist At Home:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

Prior to leaving her house, the beautiful Sunny Leone opted for a selfie with one of her pet cats. Even though she had a minimal amount of makeup on her face, primarily her eyes and her lips, this Instagram picture of her tells us how she can be so perfect even without the need for professional studio makeup.

5. Lazying At Home:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

Sprawled across her bed, all lazy and fresh faced, here is another rocking picture of Sunny without her makeup on looking absolutely cute. This picture was once again found in one of her social media sites.

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6. Pet Alert:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

This picture shows a comparison between the dolled up Sunny and the prior one showing makeup free, equally mesmerizing Sunny squished up against her pet dog. The sans makeup look really works for Sunny as she looks natural and down to earth.

7. Being Fresh Faced:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

Sunny in this picture looked exactly like a dream come true, her without makeup face absolutely glowing like a bright little star. Sunny in this picture had worn a normal black hoodie with her hair parted on the side, naturally falling on her shoulders as she widely smiled.

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8. With Her Beloved:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

Her husband Daniel Weber posed with her in this photo where she surprised her fans with a completely no makeup selfie, making her look quite different that what she usually looks like. Her hair tied back with her no made up face however, never stripped her of her beauty.

9. Prettiness Personified:

Top 9 Pictures of Sunny Leone without Makeup

Sporting a beanie, who could have ever imagined Sunny would look so beautiful without her makeup on. Even though the dark eye bags around her eyes told us she works hard for a living, her tied face however had no comparison to her beauty.

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