I Tried the Neck-Lifting Mask That Amazon Shoppers Love, And My Jawline Is Thanking Me For It

V-Shaped Face Mask

Like many people who also enjoy the occasional indulgence, such as eating baskets of salty tortilla chips with salsa and enjoying porch cocktails with gal pals, my face in the morning can appear more on the puffy side and less on the Cindy Crawford chiseled jawline side. In fact, my jawline likes to hide completely on many days, despite a skin-care regimen and countless ounces of water drank. While sculpting methods such as ice rollers have become more popular in recent years, I’d been searching for something that doesn’t require quite the effort. So, I bought the V-shaped face masks you can find on Amazon, recommended by a friend as an instant de-puffing trick.

V-shaped face masks have recently popped up as a highly specific version of sheet mask, and Amazon’s top-selling option—the Lauer V-Shaped Slimming Face Mask—has accrued over 7,000 five-star reviews from shoppers. Meant to visually de-puff, lift, and tighten the neck and jawline, the mask targets the pesky area underneath the chin with ingredients like hyaluronic acid for moisturizing, collagen for anti-aging, and aloe vera for calming and reducing inflammation. Shaped like a chin strap with the feel of a sheet mask, it’s easy to wear around the house while still tackling to-do list items.

Lauer V-Shaped Face Mask

BUY IT: Lauer V-Shaped Slimming Face Mask; 14.97 for pack of 5 masks, amazon

After purchasing the pack of 5 face masks upon recommendation, I tested them out and was pleased at the instant results. As someone who deals with puffiness and a softer jawline, it definitely helped combat those concerns after each use. I opted to wear each mask for around one hour each time, and my jawline looked visibly more defined immediately and for hours afterwards. For that reason, I’m especially excited to incorporate it into my routine before any special occasion or event. It’s the perfect skin-prepping treat.

Just as the packaging suggests, it appears like a damp chin strap, and you can physically feel it lifting your under-chin area the entire time while the ingredients soak in. It’s super comfortable to wear, though you can easily stretch the ear loops to fit your face accordingly. While it would be tough to measure any long-term results, the short-term results are enough motivation for me to keep using them at strategic times, such as on a particularly puffy morning or before applying makeup to go to an event or dinner.

Especially as we get older, the neck and jawline can naturally lose collagen and tend to sag or bloat. For days when you want to de-puff and lift the chin area in response, this mask is there to snatch that jawline to the heavens.