Everything You Need to Know About Static Nails

Allow me to be frank: I am a freelance beauty editor, and I am awful at painting my own nails. I can’t focus for the duration of an entire manicure in my current ADHD-riddled state, so as an active person (avid yogi) who writes for a living, I need keep my nails short — and I usually leave their grooming to the pros.

Growing up, I was a competitive equestrian and wasn’t worried about breaking nails or chipping polish. Fast forward to my twenties, I’m now juggling grad school and a career, and keeping my nails looking professional takes a bit more upkeep.

What are Static Nails and how do they work?
Static Nails are packaged, press-on nail sets, and they’re my favorite at-home option for DIY-ing your own nails. Whether you’re avoiding gel manicures, too busy for salon appointments, or you’re budgeting, the product’s patent-pending liquid glass lacquer is 8-free (meaning it’s eliminated eight toxic ingredients used in many polishes) and lasts three times as long as a regular manicure.

If, like me, liquid polish poses too much of a challenge, Static Nails’ reusable press-on nails can be worn for weeks straight or removed/reapplied at your leisure. The glue dissolves over time so it won’t damage your nails, and they come in trend-right stiletto and round shapes that make them look expertly fitted. They come in a variety of colors and designs, but can even painted and customized so long as you use a non-acetone polish remover.

The best part is, they really do look professionally done.


Here is a step-by-step guide for using Static Nails Reusable Pop-On Manicure in Fetish Round to DIY a flawless nude mani at home.

  1. Prep your hands. I used a hand mask by the company Iroha. Clean the underside of your nails, but save anything greasy for last (because you can’t apply fake nails with butter fingers).
  2. Arrange your sizes. Each box contains 24 nails in 12 different sizes. It helps to choose your sizes ahead of time and set them up in a row for easy access. Get the glue ready.
  3. Set timer for 25 seconds. You’ll need to hold each nail in place for 25 seconds while it dries so it helps to have your timer ready at the push of a button. Don’t forget to push start.
  4. Apply glue. Starting with your pinky finger, apply glue to the back of the nail and the top of your fingernail. If you have a glue disaster (I definitely did), wait for the glue to dry, gently peel it off your skin, and resume.
  5. Press and hold, saving thumb and index fingers for last. Start with the pinky, ring, then middle fingers of each hand, before following up with your index fingers and thumbs. This allows you the use of your most helpful digits — your index finger and opposable thumbs — for as long as possible.


How long do Static Nails last?

These can last up to 18 days. If you just want it for the evening, you can apply a “thin strip” of the nail glue from your cuticle to the tip of your nail. For even more coverage and sustainability, apply more glue to keep your Static Nails on as long as possible.

Are Static Nails reusable?

Yes! These at-home nail kits are built to withstand as many as six reapplications. Here’s what Static Nails founder Alexis Irene told Forbes:

“Static’s Reusable Pop-On Nails give everyone all over the world access to luxury, on-trend nail art for a fraction of the money and time spent in salons. The best part is that these nails are non-damaging to natural nails, they can be customized without damaging the original design, they only take 5 minutes to apply, and can be worn up to 18 days — or reapplied up to six times.”

That sounds pretty good to me, but there’s going to be a time when we have to remove our Static Nails.

So, how do I remove Static Nails?

Just like they pop on, they also pop off. The brand recommends that you soak your nails in hot water (the hottest you can handle) for a few minutes. This softens the faux nails and natural nail, and makes the “popping off” that much easier. From there, you gently lift the side of the Static Nail, alternating until you’re left with your natural, damage-free nail.