How To Make Your Thumbnails Pop

How To Make Your Thumbnails Pop

It doesn’t matter if you are making review videos, gaming videos, or sexy videos, you must start with a thumbnail. Well, this might not be where you start, but it is where your audience starts. When they are browsing videos, all they are going to see are thumbnails and the name of the video Regardless of the name and description of the video, if that thumbnail doesn’t pop, people aren’t going to click on your videos. How can you make your thumbnails pop?

The Best Use Of Color

At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with bright colors. Bright colors are always going to stand out amid dull and drab colors. The only problem is that some people are starting to go too bright. Unfortunately, this can have the opposite effect and put people in the other direction. Rather than offending the eyes, make sure that you are doing just enough to differentiate your video from the others. Never just settle for the default colors in your image or video. Put that file into one of your favorite editors and start cranking up the saturation to make the right colors stand out. You’ll be drawing more attention than you ever thought.

Connect With Your Viewers

Have you ever heard the expression – the eyes are the window to the soul? This could not be more true for people that are posting videos on sites like 은꼴. This is a site where everyone is showing their faces and eyes. You must ensure that all your videos have a human face whenever possible, and if you can use a close-up shot, even better. This will not only help the image stand out on any device, but it can lead viewers right into the heart and soul of your videos. Emotive eyes will be even better when the situation calls for them. The added emotion will potentially pique the curiosity of viewers and make them want to see what’s got you so emotional.


Emotion and faces are great, but there is no emotion more powerful than action. People love action and want to see what it’s all about. This is why using an action shot is always a good idea when creating thumbnails. The added sense of motion will encourage viewers to click on your video just to see what in the world is going on or to see what’s going to happen. It will literally speak volumes to your viewers. Include some main action shots from the biggest action-packed bits of your video, and you’ll be well on your way.

Don’t Forget About Text

There is no denying that emotion, action, and images are important, but the text can be just as important. No, this isn’t referring to the title of the video or the description, although these are just as important. No, this is talking about putting text into the actual video. Just including the title of a few keywords can help draw in your audience and keep them coming back. Just be careful not to overshadow the content because the content is king!

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