3 Great Debit Cards for Kids

3 Great Debit Cards for Kids

Debit cards for kids are a great way to teach financial responsibility by giving them the freedom to earn, spend, or save. In most cases, parents have the option of setting spend limits, setting up a chores list where the kids can earn their pay, or have automatic money drops for a scheduled allowance, among other cool features.

There are many debit card options for kids, each with their benefits and some pitfalls. Many have smartphone integration and app features, while others are tied more to traditional banking institutions. Dependent on the age of the child, spending habits will change. Young children will likely want to save for the next best toy whereas teenagers are more likely to hang out at the movies, go to the mall, eat, and shop.

Bank Checking/Debit Cards

A card expert with the financial website, Nerdwallet, Sean McQuay, prefers to offer a checking account with an associated debit card for young members.

Earned interest is an important component to investing and saving money which is why a bank-associated debit card is on the list.


According to their site, Jassby is a family-friendly mobile wallet that allows parents to share money with their children while teaching them about financial literacy. Jassby offers a virtual debit card that can be used anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. Click here to learn more about Jassby.

Shopping is also made easy through their virtual mall where kids can shop for games, tech, clothing, and more, with confidence.

Jassby has developed a family finance app that allows parents to create a budget for their children. It has a chores checklist and has a way to send funds when it’s needed. These options allow the kids to have a certain amount of freedom and learn how to manage their money in a safe environment.

Greenlight Debit Cards

For parents who like a physical debit card, Greenlight may be an option. They have a small monthly fee but the benefits of this card make it a viable choice.

Like Jassby, there is chore management, instant transfers, and transaction notifications. Greenlight also offers a savings option with “change Round Up” and parental controls.

Unlike a virtual card, Greenlight has physical debit cards that can be customized with images or selfies.

When looking at the many debit card options for children, be sure to research each option for fees, usage, penalties, apps, and customization. Some cards may not have a mobile option that works with Apple Pay or similar pay services. Fees may be based on use, non-use, how many cards are issued on an account, overdrawn and overdraft protection, money management tools, among other things. Look at several options before settling on anything.

A key thing to remember is that your child’s financial needs will change with their age. Consider which debit card will grow and go with them.

Whichever option is chosen, a debit card for kids is a great way to teach financial responsibility through spending and savings.

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