Where To Hang A Stocking Without A Mantle

Pulling out your ornaments and hanging your wreaths marks the start of the Christmas season, no matter how early you start holiday decorating. Decking the halls includes all sorts of symbols and traditions, and it’s never complete without a stocking ready for Santa’s magic. If you don’t have a mantel, that doesn’t exclude you from the festivities. There are plenty of places to hang a stocking without a mantel. Here are some of our favorite ideas for stockings around your home.


Make a floating shelf full of holiday decorations like garland and ornaments ten times more jolly with stockings hanging off it. There are plenty of shelf options where stockings of all sizes can play for the season. Consider living room bookshelves, dining room hutch shelves, and open shelves in the kitchen all fair game for some Christmas flair.

Stocking By Christmas Tree


An obvious and zero-effort option is a hook. If you don’t already have a hanging rack in your home already, you can use adhesive hooks to get the job done. Consider a wall you’ll see often or one by your tree to make your stockings especially accessible for Santa.


Camoflauge a hook with ribbon or a bow, then hook it onto the chair back. This chic and easy way to hang a stocking can make your living room extra cozy. Plus, it’s a unique touch that can bring cheer to any room of your home where seating is an option.

Blanket Ladder

You’re going to spend the winter cozied up under your blankets anyway—so give the ladder a break and hang up your stockings there instead. This is an especially fun way to add Christmas cheer to a guest bedroom before family and friends come to stay for the season.

Stocking Post

Yes, stocking posts are a thing. They sit on the floor with hooks at different levels, perfect placed next to your tree, in your family room, or by your entry.

TV Stand

Hang your stockings where you can always see them—right below your television. It’s one simple way to make your Christmas movie marathon even merrier. Bonus: You can use the same stocking holders you would with a mantle.

Entry Table

Nothing says “welcome, y’all” quite like a row of joyful stockings. Just like with the TV stand, you can use the standard stocking holders here too.


Why not a little bit of holiday cheer to the view out your window? For the easiest install, use adhesive hooks or a tension rod.

Wall Cutout

If you’ve been wondering what to do with the random half-walls and niches around your house, this is it. Take it one step further and add a few decor pieces around the stockings.

Staircase Railing

Turn your staircase into a statement. For the most impact, secure first the garland and then the stockings with floral wire. (A few well-placed bows never hurt anyone either.)


Dressers, China cabinets, and more are rich with door and drawer knobs. Simply slip the stocking loop around one of them and you’re done.

Curtain Rod

This may leave you exposed on the bottom floor, but it would be a delightful option for the second or third floor. Grosgrain or velvet ribbon provide a more traditional look, while fishing wire creates a floating effect.


Festive tunes, plus festive stockings—what a charming combination, right? Depending on the kind of piano you have, you can hang them above the keys or off the lid.

Window Sill

Everyone has windows, thus everyone has window sills as well. Hint: Stockings and traditional taper candles are totally a dynamic duo.