Surprise Your Thanksgiving Hostess With A Three-Course Doughnut “Feast” From McCormick

McCormick x Dough Doughnuts Thanksgiving Collection 2023

Holiday hostess gifts are a symbol of Southern hospitality: We never show up empty-handed. Some guests choose a local bottle of wine or a charming tea towel that matches the kitchen; others opt for candles or a baking dish of the hostess’ favorite breakfast casserole for a well-deserved break the following day. But what can you give the hostess who opens her home each year and spreads her table with every luscious Thanksgiving dish imaginable? (Somehow, a candle feels inadequate.) If you’re looking for a fun, quirky gift that will surprise and delight, have we got an idea for you.

Maryland-based spice brand McCormick & Company, revered in households since the late 1800s, has announced a limited-edition collection of sweet-and-savory doughnut bites in partnership with Dough Doughnuts. Using all the seasonal flavors in the McCormick arsenal, the mini doughnut collection presents a three-course “holiday feast” in small nostalgic bites that are perfect for sharing. Here are the flavors:

  • It’s All Gravy: McCormick Brown Gravy-infused dough with maple cheesecake filling (notes of ground black pepper), a brown gravy glaze, ground sage, and black pepper stuffing crumbles sprinkled with garlic powder
  • Cranberry Craze: Tangy cranberry jam filling with McCormick Rosemary Leaves and a cranberry and rosemary purée glaze rolled in doughnut crumbles and topped with dried cranberries
  • Pumpkin To Talk About: A creamy filling with McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice, nutmeg, and cinnamon topped with a pumpkin glaze, rolled in pecan streusel crumbles, and garnished with a meringue dollop sprinkled with ground cinnamon
McCormick x Dough Doughnuts Thanksgiving Collection 2023

Not only do these doughnuts present a fun hostess gift—they’re also quite the conversation starter. We had a chance to try them out and, unexpectedly, It’s All Gravy was a hit; the maple filling paired well with the gravy glaze and stuffing croutons. Cranberry Craze is perfect for those who love tang; the tart filling packed a punch. Finally, the Pumpkin To Talk About doughnut was the most traditional of the bunch and an easy sell for the pumpkin lovers in your life with notes of the holiday pie we love so much.

“At McCormick, we believe that flavor can transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories,” said McCormick’s Vice President of Marketing Giovanna DiLegge. “We hope our reinvention of classic holiday dishes in bite sizes allows fans nationwide to share in the joy, nostalgia, and taste of the season.”

The one-of-a-kind doughnut collection is available now in a limited-edition collectible tin that ships nationwide for $69.00 per dozen (plus shipping and handling), so place your order before the big day on McCormick’s website.

Now that’s one holiday hostess gift that won’t soon be forgotten.