Our mind is like a smart phone. It has numerous applications, some of which are crucial to the functioning of the system. However, certain useless apps constantly run in the background, hampering the system. The result- a crippled smartphone! The human mind is exactly like this. By running useless threads and thoughts in the background, we are draining out our energy, creativity and focus. One effective technique to kill these wandering thoughts in Zen Meditation. Zen Meditation is a type which is majorly practiced in Buddhism. It helps in restoring peace and normalcy to a chaotic mind. Read on to know about this in detail.

What is Zen Meditation?

Zen Meditation is a Buddhist discipline whose roots date back to the 7th century. The word “Zen” in Japanese means meditation and is equivalent to the Indian Dhyana. This is the reason why Zen Buddhists are called “Meditation Buddhists”. Zen Meditation is a powerful tool that brings insight into how a mind should work. It prevents the mind from wandering around fragmented thoughts and bring in more clarity.

Zen Meditation Techniques:

These positions can guide you on how to do zen meditation at home:

1. The Burmese Position:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

The Burmese Position is the simplest to do. For this, you must be seated on the floor. Your legs should be crossed and your knees should be flat on the floor. Each ankle should be in front of the other and not over. This is the first thing you must do in order to practice Zen Meditation effectively.

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2. The Chair Position:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

The Chair Position is the second alternative to the Burmese Position. All you need to do is sit on the chair with your spine straight up. Keep your body firm and let your feet touch the floor. Keep them parallel to the ground. You can choose any of these positions before you proceed.

3. Cosmic Mudra:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

The second thing you need to do is fold your hands in the cosmic mudra style. Keep your dominant hand upwards and your other hand should be palm up as well. Your thumbs should be very lightly touching. Although this step is optional, you should still do it.

4. Clear Your Mind:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

To practice any kind of meditation, you can’t have different kinds of thoughts swarming in your mind. So it’s important for you keep away any unnecessary thought. Keep your eyes open or half closed. You can also shut them completely.

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5. Inhale:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

The next thing you should do is inhale. Count every inhale and exhale until you get till date. Then start back at one again. Do this about fifteen minutes. This is a very important step and you should definitely not skip this. This will help you concentrate better on your breath and improve your focus better.

6. Open Your Eyes:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

Now open your eyes and start to warm up your legs and arms .This will increase your blood pressure and bring it to the normal rate. Take a few deep breaths and let it relax. It is very important for you to fee tension free while doing Zen meditation; otherwise the purpose shall be defeated.

7. Meditation:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

The next thing you need to do is meditate. Do it for about fifteen minutes. Let it go up by five minutes every week so that until you reach forty five minutes. If you practice Zen meditation regularly, you shall be able to experience the stillness of the world around you and have a warm and pleasant feeling in my heart.

8. Be an Explorer:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

Zen Meditation is more than just sitting quiet in place. It is about exploring a world full of pleasant feelings. Take time and observe the things around you in the world. Use all your senses and begin to acknowledge. Learn to think more and gain better knowledge.

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Tips For Zen Buddhism Meditation:

What is Zen Meditation? Its Benefits and Techniques

  • Meditate regularly.
  • If you are feeling too much pain, you don’t have to sit through it.
  • You can stand up and try a different position.
  • Your hand positions are also very important.
  • Don’t try to relax too much or else you might fall asleep.
  • Use a cushion to sit on, wear comfortable clothes and sit somewhere that is quiet and comfortable.

Zen Meditation Benefits:

Zen Meditation offers much more than bringing stress relief and peace of mind to the observer:

  • It creates a deep insight into ourselves and helps us understand who we truly are.
  • Zen meditation can provide solutions to issues that are deep rooted in our mind
  • This practise can help you eliminate the root cause of your problems rather than offering temporary solutions
  • It helps deal with depression, anxiety and psychological problems

Zen Meditation teaches us that true happiness doesn’t lie in materialistic things or achievements. It teaches us that happiness lies within ourselves and discovering that is the key to leading a life of bliss. By practising Zen, you can bring a quiet awareness within yourself, while maintaining alertness. Zen, which is a branch of Buddhism teaches us that the purpose of our life is to give more than take. It develops within us, a sense of appreciation for even the smallest things in life. Stay happy and content with Zazen!