Kundalini Meditation is a technique of meditation that helps in uniting the body and mind. As per the Yogic shastras, the best way to achieve the true state of meditation is to first awaken the Kundalini energy. When this happens, the process of meditation becomes easy. Kundalini was made popular by Sivananda Saraswati in the year 1935, through his book “Kundalini Yoga”. The main aspect of this form of meditation is to raise the energy around the spine through the chakras. Once this awakening happens, the energy helps in healing the body. In this article, we shall learn more about Kundalini Meditation techniques and benefits.

What is Kundalini Meditation and How To Perform?

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What Is Kundalini Meditation?

Kundalini is the dormant energy that lies at the base of our spine. This is the main form of energy that once awakened can help in healing and balancing of the chakras in our body. By awakening the Kundalini, the energy flows from one chakra to the other till it reaches the top chakra or the Sahasrara. Kundalini meditation is the ultimate path to self-realization and inner consciousness.

What is Kundalini Meditation and How To Perform?

How To Do Kundalini Meditation:

Kundalini meditation needs to be done with the right approach to attain maximum benefits:

  • You need to first prepare your mind to perform the Kundalini meditation.
  • Choosing correct posture is of utmost importance to align your chakras in the right position.
  • You also need to feel the breath inside you by inhaling without gaps.
  • Kundalini meditation is done by activating a star circling the Kundalini energy and then meditating with the Shambhavi Mudra on the light within us.
  • Sitting in the Shambhavi meditation, light flows into us all the more.

Steps To Perform Kundalini Chakras Meditation:

The following steps help you understand the procedure of Kundalini Meditation for beginners:

Step 1: You have to visualize a bright star. Imagine that earth in beneath you and there is a circle with a star in the globe. Use the word ‘earth’ as mantra and circle as long with your star is in the earth. There will come a time when you will visualize the entire earth full of light. Rub your feet on the ground.

What is Kundalini Meditation and How To Perform?

Step 2: Now look at the beautiful sun in the sky. The rays are falling on your and you are obtaining its energy. Fill your entire body with the light of the rays, this would open your mind and you will feel all the more relaxed. You need to chant the mantra ‘Sun’ and gradually move your feet and toes.

What is Kundalini Meditation and How To Perform?

Step 3: Go round with the star and let it go around your entire body. Chant the mantra ‘body’ and this would help you reduce all your worries and anxieties. Cover yourself with light and massage your body to give it a healing touch.

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Step 4: Circle with the star in your body and let it clean all the areas of body in a sequence. Let the tensions, anxieties, worries wash away as you chant the mantra of ‘light’. Circle with the star on your head, chest, abdomen, legs and feet and then massage the body parts accordingly.

What is Kundalini Meditation and How To Perform?

Step 5: Put on hand on to yourself and bless yourself saying ‘I send light to (name)’. Wish for happiness and joy for everybody, wish for the world to be healthy and happy.

What is Kundalini Meditation and How To Perform?

Step 6: Put your hands on your stomach and tense the muscles in the pelvis, abdomen and chest. Keep the tension up for a while and then relax, do it again and then breathe deeply several times from the stomach. While you inhale think of the word OM and while you exhale say ‘Shanti’. This mantra would draw you towards inner peace and your thoughts would calm down.

What is Kundalini Meditation and How To Perform?

Step 7: Shambhavi is a mudra of Lord Shiva which is the main posture for meditation. By circling the star your energy has turned inward. Your back is straight, head upright and your stomach is relaxed. Now you can slightly open your eyes and focus on the light or chakra which is the Kundalini channel in the middle of your body. The energy of the eyes flows in you and stabilizes your meditation. It stops your diverted thought and lets you concentrate only on the Kundalini channel. To retrieve back you need to be slow because you are apparently coming back from another world. Meditate quietly and come back to your daily life.

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What is Kundalini Meditation and How To Perform?

Benefits of Kundalini Meditation:

  • It heals your inner self and makes to capable or rectifying defects due to neural degeneration.
  • It reduces the process of aging and makes you feels lighter
  • It makes you aware by reaching your consciousness to the heights.
  • It lets out anger, anxieties, ego, etc. and makes us a better human being making us happy, mindful, and compassionate.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practise formulated during the time of the Yoga guru Patanjali, who understood its importance. Kundalini is a motherly energy that unites the body with the divinity. Without the awakening of Kundalini, practising mere asanas or breathing techniques will not be of much use. If you are willing to attain the spiritual discipline, Kundalini meditation is a must. One needs to understand that Kundalini awakening can be potentially dangerous when not performed properly. Taking necessary precautions will ensure you attain a radiant face and glorious life.