What is Breast Cyst? – Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

What is a Breast Cyst?

To put it simply, breast cyst is an accumulation of a fluid in the breast that leads to the formation of a breast lump. This lump can be felt by your hands. However, some of these cysts are too small and as such will be visible only through ultrasound scans. They are known as micro cysts. Cyst in general is seen among women in the age group of 35-50 and is not cancerous. However, it is always essential that you consult your doctor when you feel you have a lump. Roughly about 25% of the cyst grows big to become lumps that are palpable. Breasts are extremely common among women.

What is Breast Cyst? - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

What Causes Cyst on Breast?

Breast cyst are known to happen at the Terminal Duct Lobular Unit or also known as the TDLU. This is where the lobules transfer milk into the ducts. Therefore, a cyst could be formed by an inflammation at the TDLU or at a very rare chance; there could also be an infection. However, when things go wrong with the functioning of the breast, it is seen to go wrong in the TDLU too.

Each of the breasts contains the glandular tissue lobes. These lobes are divided into more smaller lobes that make milk during the pregnancy period. There is next, a layer of supporting tissue which is made of fatty tissues and other fibrous connective tissues. When the fluid accumulates in the glands of the breast, cyst forms. You can imagine the daisy flowers and the arrangement of the petals to get a better picture.

Signs and Symptoms of  Breast Cysts:

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of breast cyst you need to watch out for. There is a lot of difference between having a tumour and cyst.

  • You will experience a nipple discharge that is usually clear, straw coloured, yellow or even dark brown.
  • You may experience breast tenderness before your periods and increase in breast lump size.
  • Feel your hands against the lump. See if the lump is smooth and movable, is round or oval that has distinct edges.
  • Just after your period, you will experience decrease in breast size and also the intensity of the other symptoms outlined above.

Always be sure to check a doctor if in case you feel or spot a new lump after your periods. Watch out for the existing lump changing its size and shape. Experts have not really figured out what causes breast cysts. Some speculate it is because of the estrogen level in the body that is known to stimulate the breast tissue in the body and thus contributing to breast cysts.

Home Remedies of Removing Breast Cysts:

Breast cyst is a common thing among women of 35 to 50. Here are some simple home remedy on what they are and how to cure them. Take a look.

1. Cabbage:

Cabbage is known to treat aches and pains and also reduce the swelling of the chest. There is no clear idea on why it is effective, while the large amount of polyphenols which is an anti-inflammatory has been suggested as one reason why it is preferred. Here is how to put it to good use.

What is Breast Cyst? - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

  • Refrigerate the cabbage for about 20 minutes and let it cool well. Use the green cabbage as the green one can stain your dress.
  • Use two leaves of these and trim the petiole and place it on your chest without actually over tightening it.
  • You can also wear them with the bra and remove after 20 minutes. The pain will slowly disappear.

Do this daily to treat the ache associated with the cyst and to slowly eliminate it from the body.

2. Cold Compress:

The next breast cyst removal technique is the cold compress. Cold compress will help eliminate the pain and relieve muscle spasms thus improving the circulation. It shrinks the blood vessels and will reduce the flow of the blood thereby reducing the fluid retention in the injured areas. They effectively control swelling and inflammation.

What is Breast Cyst? - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

  • Immerse a soft towel into cold water and place it on your breast where you have the lump.
  • Once the cooling effects goes away, repeat the process.

Do this twice a day and doing this daily will ensure you get rid of the cysts in no time.

3. Massage:

Massage is another easy pain reliever. When you massage, the pressure that you apply will adjust the mammary gland back to its development pattern that is normal. Studies have shown how force gives the right impact right from the first stage of the cell development process. With time, these malformed cells are squeezed and compelled to grow normally. Follow these steps for an effective home breast massage.

What is Breast Cyst? - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

  • Start massaging from the nipple into the direction of the breast, with your fingers. Use a moderate pressure and force but slowly.
  • Massage the chest with your hands with a slightly higher force and speed.
  • Next, massage the chest in clockwise direction and then change it to anti-clockwise direction. Go slow again.
  • Move evenly with moderate force and compress with both your hands.

4. Vegetables and Fruits:

What is Breast Cyst? - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

Consume vegetables and fruits generously and often. When you eat vegetables and fruits rich in C (like Guavas, orange, kiwi, strawberries) E (vegetables like turnip, broccoli, beet greens) and carotene (like sweet potato, carrots, spinach and kale), they supply your body with enough anti-oxidants and thus cure the inflammation.

5. Hot Compress:

Hot compress is another way to get rid of breast cysts. They improve the blood circulation and thus reduce the cyst compression that surrounds the breast tissue’s glands. It helps in better circulation of milk.

What is Breast Cyst? - Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments

  • In a hot water tub, add some drops of lavender essential oil along with 4-5 drops of essential oil.
  • Use a towel to soak inside the mix and apply it on to the breasts.

Do not compress for too long. 20 minutes, twice a day, is a good way to eliminate the cyst when performed regularly. Alternatively, you can also use a warm water bag.

How Can You Avoid Breast Cyst?

Avoiding breast cyst is actually possible. Here are some ways you can avoid them.

  1. Avoid Caffeine: Eliminate caffeine from your diet. You could also try to reduce the intake of it. Studies have shown how women have actually experienced relief upon reduced consumption.
  2. Reduce Salt: Reducing salt in your diet is another good way to avoid the formation of cyst. When you consume lesser amount of sodium, the body does not store the excess fluid in your body. This will help eliminate the symptoms of a breast cyst.
  3. Wear The Right Bra: Wearing the right bra is an absolute essential. Bra is a supportive structure and helps reduce the pain that you may feel of having the cyst.

Cysts are as common as the freckles on your skin. It is a very natural phenomenon that occurs to women in the period of 35-50, so there really is no reason to fret. They are mostly harmless and sometimes pain a little and most of them get cured by natural remedies. Watch out for the symptoms, stay healthy and stay fit!