What is AIDS and HIV: Delving into Causes and Symptoms

What is HIV and AIDS:

AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a medical condition caused by a certain virus that attacks the body’s immune system, eventually eradicating the immunity of the body completely.  Usually, AIDS uses a sexual medium or a blood transfusion as a source to develop inside one’s body and is categorized in the top position of fatal sexually transmitted diseases. One does not get AIDS by herself or himself.

It is either passed on by connection or through your blood. It essentially targets the intimacy factors that curb a pathway to the other host’s body. Transmissions through sexual fluids, saliva, or blood are the main mature sources that harbour routes for AIDS virus transmission.

What is AIDS and HIV: Delving into Causes and Symptoms

If one has to dissect aids, it starts with the word acquired, which stands for getting infected by the disease. The immune deficiency speaks for itself as it targets the body’s immune system. The syndrome defines a specific set of diseases collapsing to form the entire medical condition. The virus responsible for the cause of AIDS, the human immunodeficiency virus, better known as HIV, passes from one body to another.

Our body puts up a strong fight against these viruses, but after a desperate time, HIV being stronger, wins the fight. However, the disease does not start showing symptoms until quite later. When it first hosts itself in the body, it slowly wears down the body’s immune system. With time, you will notice yourself falling prey to viruses and pathogens that never really affected you.

A simple test for these antibodies depicts whether you are HIV positive. However, being HIV positive does not always depict the person as having an AIDS disease. The worst part about AIDS is that these diseases harbour and grow inside the individual’s body yearly without showing symptoms as they nourish themselves. Hence as depicted, no one bothers to do anything about it because of their ignorance.

It is only at the last final stage of the HIV virus that the condition aids set in. It is only when the immune system has completely been massacred that AIDS sets in. This is one of the deadliest diseases, first discovered in 1981, and until now, more than 30 million people, amongst the other million suffering from it, have died due to the cause of it.

Symptoms And Causes of AIDS:

This article will guide you about what are the symptoms and causes of AIDS and what precautions have to take to control AIDS.

Causes of AIDS:

Although the causes are quite simple, here is a brief note on how or what ways there is to let the HIV virus into your system

1. Unprotected Sexual Act:

We human are sexual beings and to deprive one from it is not a plausible idea. With the world changing and people embracing new ideas and freedoms, sex is now no more a taboo but a free topic open for discussion and knowledge. It is now regarded as one of the primary needs of a body. Amongst all these a strong graph has been provided of people usually in their youths getting affected by aids. Amongst various others, the strong suspicion falls on the fact that unprotected sexual act might be a reason. Dominating in the youth it is often noticed that youth do not like to engage in a protected sexual act. There are ways to prevent pregnancy but there is no way to prevent the passing of HIV from one to another.

2. Blood Injection:

If you are into drugs, especially the ones that have to be injected inside the body make sure you know your partners well before sharing the same needle. Often a person loses his sanity when high on drugs which is exactly how an infected person, maybe still ignorant, might pass on the virus to his friend. Sharing of the same needle injects the virus directly into your blood. The same happens with blood transfusion needles.

3. Oral Act:

Due to strong social awareness, now a day’s, people opt for safer methods while engaging in sexual acts by using precautions. However, if one indulges in the oral sexual act there is a high risk that the virus might get a pathway through the individual’s mouth into his or her system.

4. Sharing Needles:

HIV can be easily transmitted through syringes or needles. Suppose if a person with the HIV virus has been medicated with the help of a needle and that needle is not properly disposed of. This can be one of the Aids causes. The needle can further spread the virus and can make more than one people get sick with this disease.

5. During Pregnancy:

It has been already discussed that a mother can pass the virus to her child due to the generation passage factor. The virus can also be transmitted during pregnancy. There is a high chance that a baby will get infected with the HIV virus during pregnancy.

6. Breast Feeding:

A woman (mother) can pass the HIV germ to her child while breastfeeding. This point also relates to that particular generation transfer point. This proves that the virus may be easily transmitted to the child and her daughter can further transfer it to her child in the same manner. The breast milk is infected with this virus and this is the reason behind the transmission of the virus.

7. Sexual Act:

Sometimes HIV virus can also be transmitted even though a couple is having protected sex. This is weird but true. There is not a high chance but still, it can happen. The only way to avoid the spread of this virus now is to end frequent sexual activities.

8. Generation Passage:

You may be a victim of aids right from the beginning of your life which is the why one might say it runs in your family. Indeed there have been cases where the HIV virus has been passed to the child by the mother while he was still in her womb. After a good twenty years, in his youth, he started showing symptoms and soon found himself to be a victim of aids. Often drinking the mother’s milk might also be the reason why.

9. Ordinary Contact:

HIV virus can pass not only through sexual contact. It can pass through ordinary contact as well. If you’re suffering from HIV Aids the, one of the main causes behind it might be the primary contact acts such as hugging, kissing, and even handshaking. This is one of the most less known causes of Aids.

10. Other Causes:

There are still certain causes behind the spread HIV virus, which doctors cannot explain. Regular research is being conducted on this subject.

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Symptoms of Aids:

The symptoms of HIV are usually dormant until, at the latest it starts acting up usually escalading quickly to death. However, here are some symptoms you should keep an eye out for.

1. Fever:

At the early stages of aid suspicion, one might keep an out for a constant rising fever. While fever is a common condition that is not at all serious, a persistent fever that is prolonged too long might be signs that your body wants you to read. This fever comes with body pain and pressure, muscle and joint pains, chills running down your back and a pounding headache.

2. Physical Disturbance:

Often one might feel the growth of glands which have swollen. This is accompanied by rashes and skin conditions, a sore throat, and an exhausted body, tired too easily.  There is also a question of sores based on the virus’s path. it can be your mouth or genitals or your needle insertion point.

3. Weight Loss:

In the more mature state, often the symptoms show a rapid reduction in weight which is eerily scary. A person is healthy and fine may suddenly lose too much, enough to tag her as anorexic.

4. Companions:

With the disease growing every time, certain other diseases due to lack of a strong immune system might set in. this can be in the form of diarrhea or pneumonia.

5. Soaking Night Sweats:

Want to know about the symptoms of aids? Nights sweats are one of the most common ones and occur to both men and women. These soaking sweats also come with little fever issues and can cause a drop in temperature as well. They can be really irritating as the sweat soaks and remains on your body and ca result in body odor issues as well.

6. Fatigue:

Being persistent is pretty common during aids. Being fatigue is one of the most sighted symptoms of aids. One can easily face fatigue if he or she is suffering from the problems of aids for quite some time. Fatigue is one of the worst symptoms of aids as it will affect out concentration power as well.

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7. Tongue Spots:

Seeing some unusual spots on your tongue? Sir, you might be suffering from aids. It is time that you go and get a regular body checkup. One will have tongue spots if they are HIV positive. This is one of the most important aids symptoms.

8. Skin Rashes:

One will face skin issues such as skin bumps or rashes and the reason behind all these skin infections can be the aids. Aids virus has a tendency to rupture the skin along with the body. Among all the symptoms of aids, the symptom regarding the skin will help people to figure out if they are suffering from it or not.

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9. Chronic Diarrhea:

Facing stomach issues? It can be aids. Sometimes people suffering from AIDS face some serious stomach issues and this can be severe as well. You will have to take extra care of yourself during this time as diarrhea as associated with unbearable pain.

10. Recurring Symptoms:

If you’re suffering from Aids, then there is an easy way to detect whether you’re HIV positive or not. That is to keep a watch on whether the symptoms come back or not after they are gone. If they do, then you’re in trouble.

11. Bad Headaches:

A person will face some severe headaches during the phase of aids. This is one of the many aids symptoms.