Ushas Mudra Meaning, How to Do and Benefits

Ushas Mudra is a very symbolic art form in our Indian culture. It has its roots very deep in Indian mythology. Our ancestors have been practising yoga for ages and this mudra is just a part of it. Before we begin about Ushas mudra, we need to understand that every mudra poses have different purposes. If you are having a hard time getting up from your bed, experiencing mental inactivity, dullness and lethargy, practising Usha mudra can help you overcome these issues. Usha Mudra helps in concentrating your energy in the chakras and can make you instantly energised. Read this article to know the meaning of Usha Mudra, steps to perform it and its key benefits.

Ushas Mudra Meaning, How to Do and Benefits

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Ushas Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits:

Meaning Of Ushas Mudra:

Today a very important mudra is being discussed here and that is Ushas mudra. What is the meaning of Usha? Ushas means – break of the day or origin of good things. The mudra symbolises change which is the only permanent thing in this universe. Ushas mudra is known to activate the second chakra. Now, what is the second chakra? The second chakra is also popularly known as Swadhisthana. The second chakra is popularly associated with sexuality and creativity.

It re-invents the hidden energy and sexuality within you. It gives a new dimension and edge to the sexual energy which is deep hidden inside you. What Ushas mudra does is that it energizes the direct sexual energy of the second chakra and uplifts it to the higher chakra.

How To Perform Ushas Mudra To Improve Sexual Energy?

You must note down here that this mudra practise differs a bit between men and women. So, here we are enlisting both the ways of how can men and women both perform and gain expertise in this mudra form. Below are the detailed steps of how to do this Ushas hand mudra yoga.

  • Make sure you sit in a comfortable position either on a light carpet or on a mat.
  • You can keep your eyes closed or open as per your comfortability.
  • Yoga or mudra is more at your comfort level than at any routine level.

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  • For men: Fingers should be clasped in such a manner that the right thumb will be just above the left. The right thumb should slightly press the left one.
  • For women: Right thumb should be placed in between the left thumb and index finger.

Ushas Mudra Benefits :

  • It activated the sexual energy within yourself.
  • Ushas Mudra makes you energized and feel healthy in the morning.
  • It brings a spark to your boring sexually deprived life.

After understanding in detail the relevance, significance and how to do Ushas mudra you might be interested to know that when you have to do this. So, let me tell you that you need to do Ushas mudra in the morning itself as soon as you wake up. Keep practising it every day right from 5-15 minutes.

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Precautions and Side Effects Of Ushas Mudra:

There are no know side effects of Ushas Mudra and is considered to be perfectly safe. The only advice is that this mudra must be performed regularly for the recommended span of time to attain maximum benefits.

Ushas Mudra can help you give an affirmation that you are ready to welcome a new day and a new start. This hand mudra can enhance your creativity and fill you with enthusiasm. With this burst of energy, you will be ready to embrace new changes in your life and will be willing to accept new projects with joy. It also awakens your sexual energy and fills your life with bliss and happiness. With improved mental alertness, focus and clarity of mind, Ushas mudra can get you ready for the game. If you are hitting the snooze button too many times, it’s time to perform the Ushas mudra to crawl out of the bed and get going!