Unwanted 72 Pill: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Unwanted 72 Tablet: What is it and Why?

Unwanted 72 is an oral contraceptive that has your back when you encounter an unexpected pregnancy out of unprotected sex. The tablet is known to work and be effective within the first 72 hours of an unprotected sex. Manufactured and marketed by Mankind Pharma, these tablets is one per strip and prevents pregnancy. The pill contains 0.75mg of Levonorgestrel, a hormonal contraceptive known to inhibit pregnancy within 3 days of intercourse.

How Does Unwanted 72 Work?

Unwanted 72 as a birth control works efficiently. Here is how it gets its job done.

  1. Stops the release of egg from ovary. Unwanted 72 will prevent the sperm from fertilizing if in case an egg releases.
  2. The pill also helps in preventing the egg from attaching to the lining of the womb. Pregnancy happens only when the egg attaches to the womb.

What is The Price of Unwanted 72?

The pill is priced at 75 INR for a single pill. However, you will also find the tablet in multi-pack sizes with many leading pharmaceuticals. The price is also seen to vary from 75 to 90 INR depending on the manufacturer. Unwanted 72 is a product of Mankind Pharma.

Unwanted 72 Pill: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Image Source: Mankind Pharma

How Effective is Unwanted 72?

In order for the pill to be effective, be sure to have 1.5 mg of Unwanted 72 and when consumed in a single dose within 3 days which is 72 hours, the pill is claimed to be effective for about 80-90%. However, if you consume it any later than 72 hours, the pill ceases to be effective.

For How Many Days Unwanted 72 Works?

This pill, as the name suggests works only within 72 hours of intercourse. Consuming it any later than the stipulated time reduces or nullifies its effectiveness. Also, it is important to take the recommended dosage of the pill and follow instructions carefully.

Is it Safe to Have Unwanted 72?

The one question all of us have is the safety concern. Emergency contraceptives, be it even Unwanted 72, shouldn’t be your regular contraceptive solution. While Unwanted 72 claims a success rate and has been voted as a highly effective drug, it is always safe to consult your doctor if you intend to continue this for a longer time.

What is The Safe Dosage for Unwanted 72?

One of the best part about the pill is it is a “single drug single dose” medication. This means you only have to take it once, and that too within 72 hours. This is in contrast with the other combination pills that require a higher dosage.

How to Use Unwanted 72 and When to Take Them?

Remember to take the pill within 3 days or 72 hours after unprotected sex with water or milk. The success and efficiency of the pill will only work when you take it in the mentioned time period. It loses its efficiency after that. Take your pill once you know you have had an unprotected sex. Unprotected sex can cause pregnancy and taking contraceptives will inhibit fertilization.

Should You Consult Your Gynecologist When Taking Unwanted 72?

Our word for you is always to consult your doctor before you take contraceptives. While once or twice unadvised medication is normal, remember to always discuss with your doctor on its long term effects on the body and how it could adversely affect you in the long run.

So, What Happens When You Take Them?

Typically, the Levonorgestrel in it will stop the LH process and also the FSH, both of which are responsible for the development of the egg. Thus, when you take them within 72 hours, you are typically stopping any development the body will start taking to prepare it for a baby.

Precautions While Taking Unwanted 72:

It is always safe to inform your doctor about the drugs you are currently consuming that includes even the over the counter products like herbal and protein supplements, vitamins etc. and other allergies and diseases you may have. Some of the health conditions you have may start being susceptible to the side effects of the drug. Dosage is always based on your health condition. Remember that if you use Unwanted 72 along with other medicines and herbal or protein supplements, the effect of the pill may change. This has the potential to increase the risk of side effects.

Can You Use Unwanted 72 as Your Regular Contraceptive?

A doctor would always say no to this. It is always at best to use regular contraceptives like condoms. However, birth control pills are 99.9% effective as compared to condoms that are only 82% effective. Oral pills are referred to as emergency contraceptives or “morning after pill” and they could potentially signal a lot of side effects on the female body in the long run. Our advice would be to talk to your doctor before deciding on your own.

Can Be Take Unwanted 72 While Breastfeeding:

It is better to use condoms and other natural methods like copper T to control pregnancy while breastfeeding. if you want to use, better to consult a doctor before use it.

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When Can You Expect Withdrawal Bleeding?

It has been reported that nearly 20 percent of the patients get bleeding in a week’s time after taking the pill. Otherwise, it can cause irregular bleeding even in the present cycle. You can also get withdrawal bleeding on dates closer to your periods.

Will Unwanted 72 Cause Delay in Periods?

Yes! Unwanted 72 can cause a delay in periods, probably by a week or so. However, this is no rule. It hugely depends on when the new lining grows up and when it gets ready to be shed off again. So, your unusual periods or delay could be because of the pill or sometimes not. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to consult your doctor if you experience anything unusual.

What To Do If With Drawl Bleeding Is Excessive And Not Stopping?

You must have noticed how confused you get when you are on the pill for the time and you see menstrual like bleeding. This is withdrawal bleeding. It is also known as the “fake period” and happens when because the uterus conveys to you that the estrogen and progesterone levels are down. However, this is very normal. You should also consult your doctor when you experience excessive bleeding or change the brand of the pill you take.

Does Unwanted 72 Pill Fail?

As with any emergency contraceptives, Unwanted 72 have chances of failure. While they have a success rate of 80-90%, it has a 10% chance of failure if taken within 72 hours. By 72 hours, the failure rate gets increased to 40% and after 72 hours, it is very likely to fail.

What to do if Period Missed (Pill Fails)?

If you think you missed your period, it could mean that the birth control pill failed. In such cases, it is better to visit your gynaecologist and take corrective measures. If you are not ready for pregnancy, your doctor can prescribe certain pills to end the pregnancy.

Side Effects of Unwanted 72 on Future Pregnancy

There has been so far no cases reported on birth defects or future pregnancy. However, nausea, dizziness and other skin allergies could result from the pill.

What are the Side Effects of Unwanted 72?

Unwanted 72, as an oral contraceptive sure is prone to side effects on the body. Most of these are considered ‘normal’ and attention is given only in case of unusual experiences. However, we would always recommend talking to a doctor if you seriously feel discomfort or even have the slightest apprehension on what is happening to your body. Watch out for these.

  1. Since oral contraceptives play with the hormones in controlling them from doing their work, it can have implications when you use it for a long term.
  2. Be prepared to face your periods delay or early which means it may effect on the menstrual cycle. Since Unwanted 72 side effects on periods by restricts the natural course of your hormones that are responsible for periods, you should be prepared for periods anytime.
  3. Hormonal imbalances could also happen because of consuming them. The associated problems are headaches, hair loss, mood swings, skin allergy and acne.
  4. You may also experience gastrointestinal problems.
  5. Regular use of oral contraceptives could also lead to constant spotting. Vaginal discharge may also be observed.
  6. Always consult your doctor before taking Unwanted 72 if you are breastfeeding.

These are some of the side effects and a list of things you need to know before taking them.

Is there any Substitute for the Unwanted 72 Tablet?

There are substitutes to Unwanted 72 and I pill, one of the widely used over-the-counter pills. Whether ipill or Unwanted 72, both have the same composition of drugs in them. Both of them have also shown about 95% success rate. Practically, you could use either of these, whichever you can get first. However, ipill is more famous in terms of brand name and manufacturer. So, people have voted heads up for ipill. That is more about the marketing strategy though. You could however be sure of both of them in terms of their effectiveness.

Here is our bottom line. Always consult your doctor if you sense anything unusual happening to your body. Also, Unwanted 72 has sure been effective around 95% of the time and the rest 5% is probably your luck. Taking them in the specified time makes up too much of its effectiveness. These oral contraceptives have indeed been a blessing for many couples.