Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

Twin Heart is a powerful meditation technique which was introduced by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui in the 1980s. It is known for its healing properties and also filling up the practitioner with love, power and light. It will help you attain a state of peace and reduce all kinds of stress, tensions and anxiety from your body. This type of meditation is all about cleansing and offers a large number of benefits to all. The outline and summary of this topic has been analyzed in the following paragraphs.

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques:

1. Physical Exercise:

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

The first step to twin heart meditation is doing some physical exercises. This will cleanse and prepare you for the next level. Do it for about five minutes so that little grayish matter is expelled from the body. This will invoke subtle energies and get you all set for the next step.

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2. The Divine’s Blessing:

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques The next step is to pray and worship God in order to invoke blessings. Each religion has different Gods and you are given the right to seek blessings from the faith to belong too. You should ask for help, protection, oneness and bliss. With this step, you will be ready to do the third step.

Connecting Your Tongue to the Palate:

Now you must connect your tongue to the palate. This will finish the connection between the first and back energy levels and of the aura and begin the circulation of energy throughout the meditation. This step is the third one and is considered vital for all those who practice Twin Heart Meditation.

3. Bless The Earth:

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

Next, press the crown chakra with your fingers for a couple of seconds. This will help in concentration. You also need to bless the world with a feeling of love, kindness and generosity in your heart. Try to feel the divine energy all around you and speak words of happiness, joy, peace and harmony.

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4. Meditation:

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

After you are through with this, you may begin with your meditation. This can only happen after the crown has been activated. You have to imagine a golden light with your hands that are going down towards the earth and are filling it with a whole lot of love and light. Bless the earth with kind words as well.

5. Chant Om:

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

Now is the time for you to chant Om. Be aware of the stillness in the world around you and gently chant om. You can also use Amen if you like. Continue doing this for about ten minutes and then relax. Don’t forget to look at the crown of your head in a gentle and loving way.

6. Release All Excess Energy:

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

After you are through the meditation, you need to release all excess energy. Do this by raising both your hands in the air with your palms outwards. Release energy by blessing the earth with love, peace, joy and tranquility in your heart. Do this for about several minutes until your body is normalized. You can also bless your family members or the ones you love as well.

7. Give Thanks:

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

At the end of it all, you must thank the Supreme Being for his spiritual guidance and divine blessings. This shall bring an end to Twin Heart Meditation.

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8. Physical Exercises and Massaging:

Twin Heart Meditation Techniques

The final thing you should do in Twin Heart Meditation is massaging the different parts of your body or doing some good physical exercises for about five minutes. This will cleanse your body and energise you spiritually. You will be feeling bright and strong and healed after this.