The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life

Stress is the modern day buzzword. From adults to children, stress has victimised people of all ages and groups. A mind that is filled with negative emotions and thoughts will slowly show its effects on physical body. Just like the way we clear unwanted stuff from our house to allow sunlight, we need to de-clog and detoxify our minds. Meditation is one of the most effective techniques that can calm down a chaotic mind and help it relax. Vishvas meditation is a technique developed by Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji. As per him, Meditation is a natural process that is as effortless as taking a breath or watching an object. In this article, we shall cover this topic in detail.

What Is Vishvas Meditation?

Vishvas Meditation is the art of making meditation a natural process. It was developed by Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji, who has devised an easy methodology to make meditation simple. Vishvas meditation requires no specific training or tedious process. One needs no specific training or instruction to perform Vishvas Meditation.

How To Do Vishvas Meditation?

Here are The Best Vishvas Meditation Techniques for Beginners.

  • Be Seated:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life To practice Vishvas Meditation, the first thing you need to do is sit in a very relaxed posture. Make sure that your spine is straight now. Keep still and close your eyes gently. Bring awareness to your eyes and your forehead area. Softly gaze at what is happening around you; don’t feel any pressure when you are doing this.

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  • Imagine:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life

Now slowly start to imagine or visualize things on your own. Try to observe and watch everything that is happening inside. Now the thoughts will start coming in. Watch them carefully and come to terms with your desires and concerns. You can slowly start to watch your thoughts from a distance. Bring yourself back up after a while.

  • Get Deeper:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life Learn to get deeper into your thoughts. Keep watching what is happening around you. Don’t get lost into a world of your own. Just learn to be aware of the magic your mind contains. Breathe deeply and relax yourself.

  • Be a Witness:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life

Vishvas Meditation is about being a witness. Try and keep a distance from the mind. The more you will detach yourself from your mind, the happier and more relaxed you shall feel. Don’t let yourself get frustrated or tense. This will defeat the entire purpose of Vishvas.

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  • Enjoy Yourself:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life

No matter what kind of meditation you are practicing, if you are not enjoying enough, you are probably doing it the wrong way. Accept what is happening inside you and don’t try to change anything. Keep courage and simply enjoy the present moment. Don’t forget to keep some distance away from your mind. This will also help you to become a true witness.

  • The Nature of Your Mind:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life

Do not try to identify with your mind or change its nature. Your mind has the ability to go into the future and come back as well. The minds circumstances are definitely not similar to your circumstances. Therefore just sit and watch. You don’t have to do anything else apart from that. This is an essential part of Vishvas Meditation.

  • Don’t Worry:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life

When you are meditating, you will notice that your thoughts are jumping around from here to there. You might start feeling anxious. But the point is, you shouldn’t. It’s only natural. There is no need to worry. This is the part of the process where you can witness your mind at its work where it frets, changes, gets bored and goes back to normal.

  • Don’t Give Up:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life

Some of the most important things you should remember while doing Vishvas meditation is that giving up or being judgemental is absolutely unacceptable. Learn to have patience. That’s what meditation is about. You need to build yourself through practice and time. So give in your best.

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What You Shouldn’t Do:

While practising Vishvas Meditation, you are advised from doing certain things:

The Art of Vishvas Meditation For Stress-Free Life

  • Don’t keep your back hunched in the first place.
  • Secondly limit the amount you should spend on meditation.
  • Don’t get disappointed if you fall asleep and don’t put in too much effort.
  • This practice doesn’t call for that at all.
  • Don’t be mentally attached to the objects you see with your eyes closed.

Benefits Of Vishvas Meditation:

  • Vishvas Meditation offers the following benefits when practised regularly:
  • Vishvas Meditation helps in bringing together the pieces of a wandering mind.
  • It helps in integrating your thoughts to gain better control over your mind
  • Vishvas meditation helps in removing all sorts of negative thoughts including the thoughts of suffering, pain, anger, depression, anxiety, fear etc.,
  • It enables you to look within you and create self-awareness.
  • Regular practise of Vishvas Meditation can help you enjoy a healthy body and mind.

Vishvas Meditation is like any other form of meditation, in which the ultimate goal is to achieve inner peace. However, the path to achieve it differs. As per Vishvas Yoga principles, meditation is the art of rediscovering yourself. It needs no external probing or training. One needs to simply close one’s eyes and enjoy the darkness within. Each time you see an object, you must get it out of mind. Practising this regularly can help you meditate anywhere and anytime. Attain the ultimate bliss with Vishwas Meditation.