Siddhasana – How to do and Its Benefits

Yoga at its most flattering side is a phenomenal fat busting workout that is slow paced and filled with deep breaths. This is actually a more calm way to experience body fitness without having to wipe your brows every now and then at the gym. Yoga has its own way of appealing people, someone who believes in the tranquility of their mind alongside body workout.

Yoga appeals to the bases that value their peace of mind and the fitness just comes as a bonus. In today’s article we will talk about one of the many well known yoga postures, this one called the Siddhasana. Here in this article we shall read about the steps to performing it along with its health benefits.

Siddhasana - How to do and Its Benefits
How To Do It?

The Siddhasana is also widely known as the Accomplished pose. Now there is a long history to this story, where Lord Buddha had attained nirvana in this very stance while he meditated. Bringing a sense of finality to this posture, this is why it is called the Accomplished pose. Basically the whole point of this posture is natural steady breathing through an attained stance.

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To get the ball rolling, let’s spread the yoga mat and get into position. As you sit down on the yoga mat, your right leg should be folded all the way to your perineum. Now bring the left leg, folded, all the way across the right leg and lodge it in the small gap in between the inner thigh and the calf. This is called the Padmasana or the lotus pose. By now your spine should be straight and your neck should follow the same alignment.

Keep your gaze locked ahead focusing on the blur of your eyebrow gap. Bring your hands all the way down to your knees which should be touching the ground on either side now. Often you can just hole the knee or perform a ‘mudra’ or a sign with your fingers.To perform the ‘mudra’, bring your index finger all the way to your thumb and make the tips touch as you face your palm upwards.

This is a classic meditation sign and once you have achieved this stance start with your controlled breathing. This is basically a serene gap before you release the posture prior to which breathing is of utmost importance. For people, who are quite the victim of rigidness, you might want to ease onto the sitting stance with practice, than trying to achieve perfection at the first chance.

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How Does It Help Us?

  • As you sit down to meditate through controlled breathing, a huge part of your mind is subjugated to peace and calmness. This is especially refreshing during the tired sleepy mornings or the after office hours. Through breathing you are slowly shedding of your tension due to which you may finally have a good night’s sleep tonight. Thus, it is a cure for insomnia as well.
  • This is a good yoga to improve blood circulation in your body. As you deeply breath in and out, your lungs are rapidly in taking and exhaling oxygen which now as a rapid motion is running throughout your blood veins reaching your nooks and crannies, refreshing you to the fullest.
  • The Accomplished pose has also accomplished in curing out back problems. Your spine once locked in the stance is kept straight and rigid. This may cause a slight tinge after a few seconds, but in reality you are actually helping your back muscles tone and firm themselves.

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