Sasakasana (Rabbit Pose) – How to do and Benefits

Sasakasana is considered as the perfect yoga posture for relieving stress and depression. This asana is very effective for people suffering from heart problems. This yoga posture revitalizes the body from the core and makes you healthy and fit from the inside. According to experts, this is the best yoga exercise to get rid of belly fat.

The word Sasaksana originates from a Sanskrit word ‘Sasaka’ which means ‘rabbit’ and the word ‘asana’ means ‘posture or position’. This exercise is an instant stress removal technique to get rid of excess stress that your body has experienced. If you think that yoga can remove stress instantly then you’re not wrong. Sasakasana is the right yoga posture for you.

Sasakasana (Rabbit Pose) - How to do and Benefits
This posture helps the spine as well by elongating and strengthening it. Sasangasana will make your body ready to sustain and fight all kinds of external as well as internal damages such as diseases and pains. This yoga posture will give you the power to accumulate the fighting elements in your body and help you fight against diseases.

According to experts, this yoga pose should be performed every morning. So wake up, brush your teeth, and get set for performing the best yoga posture ever. Performing this posture for two-three times will make your body free from stress. Never perform this posture immediately after having breakfast or lunch. If you had a meal, then wait for at least 5 or 6 hours before performing this yoga exercise.

How To Do Sasakasana:

Here is how you will have to perform the Sasakasana yoga posture.

First, before jumping directly into this posture you will have to learn another yoga pose called Vajrasana.

  • To perform the Vajrasana, fold the legs and put then under the hips.
  • The toes should touch the hips and the thumbs of both the feet should touch each other.
  • Keep the back, neck and head straight and keep your hands on the knees in the front.

Now that we are done with Vajrasana, we can proceed to Sasakasana. This is actually the extended the version of the previous yoga posture (Vajrasana).

  • Lift your hands up and keep inhaling.
  • Now bend forward slowly while exhaling.
  • At the same time stretch your hands forward and keep then on the ground.
  • Use the forehead to touch the ground and rest it there for a while.
  • Maintain this whole position for a while and after some time come back to your original sitting state.

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Benefits Of Sasakasana:

This is the best way to relieve mental irritation, depression, and excessive stress. Keeping your mind calm at all time is very necessary and Sasaksana helps you do that. For achieving proper and effective results, perform this posture for longer periods of time. After doing this yoga exercise, your mind will become calm and composed.

Sasakasana (Rabbit Pose) - How to do and Benefits

Sasangasana brings out the true concept of yoga that is relating you to yourself. This posture also stimulates the endocrine and immune systems.Children, who are still growing can practice this posture as it will make them taller by lengthening and strengthening the spine.

It will massage the heart; provide strength to the kidneys, liver, and intestines. People suffering from mental illness and anger issues will find this yoga exercise beneficial for them. Sasakasana strengthens the uterus and eliminates fat from buttocks, waist, etc.

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