Parsvottanasana (Intense Stretch to the Side) – How to do and Benefits

The new world indulged in body fitness. Maintaining a good bicep and a flat sucked in stomach ruled the vogue pages as the followers in a trance started looking for better ways to control themselves. First it was the dieting, a no food regime with baked broccoli’s and steamed carrot dinners only. Then it was the heavy lifting and the treadmill runs which was soon replaced by colorful little pills and potions gulped down or injected into the veins.

Parsvottanasana (Intense Stretch to the Side) - How to do and Benefits

In the run for all, the sickness set in and that’s when the crazy mind gave up on us. If you are still looking for a heal, however, here is the answer. Yoga, a stretch and twist routine with controlled natural breathing that goes side by side to your early morning green tea which takes care of the health, not only of your body but of your mind as well. In today’s article, the name for the stance is Parsvottanasana.

How to Do Parsvottanasana and its Benefits:

How To So it?

The English name for this move is called the Intense Side Stretch poise. Much like any yoga posture, this basically relies on some minor stretches along with controlled natural breathing, the usual deal. If you are beginner, there is a high chance that you still have not lost the rigidness of your body, one of the reasons why your body now subjected to stretching might sting a bit.

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With practice however, the muscles open up a lot. Start by spreading your yoga mat and standing straight on it. Your arms as usual will be rested by your side since we will not need them at the initial stages. Make sure your marrow and neck is aligned to each other, straight and stiff. Now lift one leg off the floor, say the left one and bring it forward leaving a few steps in between.

By now you should feel a slight stretch which should be comfortable enough. The other leg, the right one goes all the way to the back, straight and supported by the toe, heels up in the air. Now take a good deep inhale as you suck in your stomach and bend down, all the way until you can rest your forehead in your outstretched limb.

Leave your arms backwards touching the ground as you go about it. Lock the stance for a few seconds and slowly with practice work up to a good minute. You can then slowly tense your abdomen and come back up as you exhale and go back to square one.

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Parsvottanasana (Intense Stretch to the Side) - How to do and Benefits

How Does it Help Us?

  • As you bend down and stretch your lower body, the muscles in your lower limbs are tensing up under the pressure of the stretch. This helps them to firm up so that you can flaunt a toned leg which would be stronger and healthier.
  • The inhale makes your stomach go in as you bend down. This creates a pressure in the stomach area that massages the organs well overworking them for the few seconds thereby ensuring proper digestion. This also plays a part in weight loss.
  • This is a good abdominal exercise where you bending down pushes the abdomen inside which now experience a blood flow rush. This is why this is a good posture for women who suffer with irregularities in their menstrual cycle.
  • Also known for its stress reliever techniques, as you bend down and rest your forehead against your outstretched leg, you are actually causing a blood rush to your brain, which unties and liquefies all the worries and tension. Therefore a fresh tension less morning would now be just a yoga pose away.

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