Parivrtta Parsvakonasana – How to do and Benefits

Starting from the little girl next door with two pigtails to the grandma celebrating her 80th birthday, to the busy bee of the nuclear family or the woman embracing motherhood, yoga never really knew any age bound, especially when people favored yoga not only for the fitness that came along with it.

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana - How to do and Benefits

But also because the pregnant woman felt her contraction pains could be controlled better and the grandmother knew her digestion would be tamed and also because the busy dad found recluse in the gateway to serenity through his balding patches and all this right from the comforts of their own home. Therefore, yoga does have its way around don’t you think? Well, in today’s write up we shall look into one such wonderful yoga posture called the Parivrtta Parsvakonasana.

How To Do Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle) and its Benefits:

How To Do it?

every yoga has an English name which literally spells out the final stance of the yoga posture so that you can have a scoop into the feel before starting out. Before we list the benefits derived from it let’s spread the yoga mat and start on with the guide to performing it.

The English name to it is the Revolved Extended Side Angle pose which includes a whole lot of twisting which is why it is advised that you don’t opt for it in case you have a broken bone anywhere within your chest and hip girdle.

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To start off, stand in a straight position with your feet together and marrow straight. Your arms will rest beside your body as you align your neck with your spine. Now lift one leg, say the right as put it forward, quite a few steps ahead so that you feel a soft stretch. Now slowly bend the leg down all the way, you leaning forward in the bargain and don’t stop until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Your foot should be now aligned with your knee joint and the left leg should be stretched all the way in the back, straight and rigid. Now with your bent forward twist to the right left side if you have the right foot bent. Make sure your upper body is twisted to its full extent facing the side now.

After this take a deep inhale and lock it as you bring your right arm all the way down touching the ground with the left arm swayed above your head causing a slight chest stretch. Some people also opt for a separate routine with the hands where they fold them into prayer hands. Hold the position for a few seconds before exhaling into step one.

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How Does it Help Us?

  • As you stretch yourself in the position, your lower limbs are getting a good workout and therefore unknowingly you are encouraging them to firm and tone themselves up for a stronger lower body.
  • As you switch and twist and turn, your stomach fat is getting a workout too resulting in you burning some serious calories down the road.
  • Along with the calories, your intestinal area that is the abdomen feels the pressure of the twist as well resulting in a stronger abdomen, hence a better digestion.
  • We have all has those stiff marrow pains that bug us every time we sit up from a reclining position. Well, with this yoga in your bag, you no longer have to worry about the bad back problems. The stretching and the twisting opens up the marrow rigidness making it more flexible and strong.

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