Ovarian Cancer: Unveiling Symptoms and Potential Causes

Ovary usually means the female reproductive system, an integral part of the key part that forms the female’s reproduction organ. The first instruction that the ovary follows is the storing of eggs in the fallopian tubes, that is, the outstretched flannel of slim corridors that start from the ovary head and end in the egg storage. This outstretched link is known as the fallopian tubes which are present on either side of the two ovaries.

The ovaries in turn are present on either side of our uterus and thus the working commences. Once the proper age is reached the ovary one by one leaves eggs that either get fertilized or disintegrate in the form of menstruation. The other function of the ovary includes the secretion of hormonal fluids and other hormones. This however is a very fragile matter even though the ovary takes a lot of pressure at required times.

Ovarian Cancer: Unveiling Symptoms and Potential Causes

The American Cancer Society listed cancer of these ovaries as the 8th most common female cancer condition. That is just the US routine making the UK leader in the ovarian cancer race with a poll suggesting the condition to be the fifth most common amongst women.

Cancer cells are abnormal formation of cells which are irregular and irrational. These abnormal cells are proliferating in nature with a serious growth rate of twice as much as the normal cells. These cells being immature unlike normal cells don’t die or wither away. They remain for as long as possible and with their number crowding the normal cells lose their space.

Cancerous cells in any part of the ovary are termed ovarian cancer. At times these cells gather around and form lump-like structures called tumors. Tumors usually have three common types. The Epithelium is the surface lining of the ovary where the cancer cells might accumulate to form a tumour.

Germ cell tumours are cancerous cells that were once destined to form eggs. The stromal cells are responsible for the hormone secretion and cancer here is also possible based on this cell. At times part or a cell or two breaks away from the mother tumor and lands somewhere nearby causing the growth of cancer cells there. Often at times the blood vessels or body or body fluids take this to another part of the body and this is how the tumors spread and expand.

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms And Causes:

This article tells you about what are the main causes and symptoms of ovarian cancer which will help you to know what is your state when you are attacked by this cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Causes:

There are usually some reasons or causes of ovarian cancer that trigger the cancer cells:

1. Age:

Ovarian cancer is known mostly to be affecting women after their menopause, that is, maybe at and after 50 years of old. This is a common time for women at that age to fall prey to ovarian cancer even though there are still chances of younger ladies falling prey to this.

2. Heredity:

Usually, female organ-related cancers such as breast or ovarian cancer depend upon your past family history too. If someone, anyone whom you can relate it, to or your blood relation has previously suffered from ovarian cancer, there are quite high chances of you falling prey to that too. there is also often the case of faulty genes, that is, if all of your family members, from one side of the family have developed ovarian cancer after the age of 50, there are often chances that you have been passed on their faulty gene which to be specific would be BRCA1 and BRCA2.

3. HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy:

HRT is directly related to hormone replacement therapy where doctors have found that persons involved in hormonal replacement have a slightly higher risk of incurring ovarian cancer than the normal female mass. This as it prolongs increases the risk slowly. However, after a period of time, if the therapy is stopped, the risk falls down to the level of normal female mass.

4. During Conceiving:

Even though the stakes are low and the chances are sleek, up to 5% of women can develop a risk of ovarian cancer during their childbearing years which is mainly related to the germ cells of the ovary. These cells usually later transform or produce an egg for the woman and if turned cancerous these cells turn abnormal. This is however very much curable even though the same measures to cure cancer are followed- surgery or chemotherapy.

5. During Fertility:

Every time an egg releases from the ovary to travel through the tubes, the upper lining of the ovary is broken in order to let the egg out. This broken part now damages the upper lining of the ovary and often takes a little while to close up back to normal. During this, the surface layer of the cell might start reacting badly causing the cancer cells to form.

6. Epithelial Tumors:

These types of tumours may easily trigger the occurrence of ovarian cancer. There are thin layers of tissues outside the ovaries. This type of tumour generally takes place in those ovaries and can further damage your health condition by triggering the growth of ovarian cancer. According to studies, more than 90% of the patients suffering from ovarian cancer, blame this cause. According to a medical survey conducted on the subject of ovarian cancer, it was seen that most ovarian cancer cases are due to such tumours. It can be said that this is one of the most probable ovarian cancer causes.

7. Germ Cell Tumors:

Among all the tumours, germ cell tumours are the most harmful ones. One can get infected with germ cell tumours and they can damage your whole physical condition as well. These tumours take place in egg-producing cells and occur mostly in younger women. It is really harmful and can have many severe outcomes as well. If you’re a teenager and a girl, then there is a high chance that this may be the ideal cause behind the occurrence of ovarian cancer in you. For this, you will have to stay extremely cautious and consult the doctors if you see or experience any of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer in you.  This is one of the most possible ovarian cancer causes.

8. Stromal Tumors:

Have you heard of stromal tumours? These tumours begin in the ovarian tissues and can be claimed as one of the most probable causes of ovarian cancer. Women who have seen the signs of ovarian cancer in them can blame this particular cause, as it is the most common one. There are certain ovarian tissues, that contain the certain hormone producing these cells. Generally, women get diagnosed with such depleted cells at a really young age and there is a good chance of stopping the spread of this cancer. According to research cases, it has been seen that out of 10, more than 6% of ovarian cancer are due to stromal tumours.

9. Endometriosis:

Endometriosis is often a reason behind the risk of the occurrence of ovarian cancer. In endometriosis, the cells that surround the womb spread and grow somewhere else in the body. This disrupts the usual functions of the body and makes a woman extremely sick. There is really no cure for this particular cause as these cells never leave the body nor get damaged. This is one of the most probable causes of ovarian cancer.

10. Other Causes:

There are some cases, where it was seen that a woman who has acquired the ovarian cancer germ, was not inherited. Rather, she acquired that during her lifetime. However, when she becomes a mother she will be spreading that same ovarian cancer germ or the genetic disability to her child and this cycle will continue.

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Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer:

Often there are signs and symptoms that show the start of ovarian cancer:

1. Abdominal Pain:

With the obvious cancer cells crowding in the ovarian region, there is always a sharp pain in the lower back mostly to the side pelvic regions and the abdomen area. Often this might be limited to one side dictating the fact that only a part of it, probably one side has been affected by the cancer. at other times this may be equal on both sides.

2. Excess Discharge:

Since the hormone-producing cells in the ovary or the egg-producing cells, germ and stromal to be specific, are now acting abnormally due to the formation of cancer cells, one will experience unnatural bleeding or secretion of hormonal fluids and vaginal discharge which is usually not normal for you. this usually comes in excess form.

3. Beer Gut:

Beer gut is the same as pregnancy gut where the ovarian part of the stomach swells up or rather bloats to a little bit more than the original. In the case of ovarian cancer, this is a strong sign when the lower abdomen bloats up.

4. Frequent Runs To The Bathroom:

A woman will have to work her legs if she is suffering from ovarian cancer. Why? Well, one of the main symptoms of ovarian cancer is the frequent urge to urinate. One will always remain in a state of urination urgency and this is extremely irritating for a lady or a grown-up woman as one cannot find a restroom anywhere they go. Among all the symptoms of ovarian cancer, this one is the most disturbing.

5. Pelvic Pain:

A woman will experience severe discomfort in the pelvic area. This is generally due to the different stress reasons which turn out to be the reason for severe discomfort in the pelvic area. The symptom is pretty common and can happen to women of almost all ages.

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6. Back Pain:

Lower and middle back pain are pretty common symptoms of ovarian cancer. Women with back issues will know what is being discussed here.

7. Fatigue:

When we get invaded by cancerous germs, which further infect our cells, then there is a good chance of feeling fatigued pretty often and easily. Women with weak bone conditions will experience some severe aches in their bones as well.

8. Can’t Eat Much Food At Once:

A person suffering from ovarian cancer generally gets the symptoms of feeling when eating water. Foods are required to be supplied to our body in sufficient amounts. If there is improper supply of food to our body, then a number of diseases can come up. This is one of the most probable symptoms of ovarian cancer. A lot of people (women) have gone through it and if you see signs of ovarian cancer in you, then you should consult a doctor or a specialist dealing with all these matters.

9. Sudden Weight Loss:

Ovarian cancer can be extremely harmful. If a woman is suffering from ovarian cancer, then there is a high chance that she will lose the subsequent amount of weight. Weight loss is one of the most sighted ovarian cancer symptoms. Our body needs to maintain a certain weight and if a woman keeps losing weight without any specific reason, then this might turn out to be extremely harmful for her. Such weight loss is seen in young women especially.

10.  Changes In Bowel Habits:

Another one of the most common ovarian cancer symptoms is the changes in bowel habits. A woman will experience some astonishing changes in her bowel habits that she won’t be aware of in the first place. Among all the ovarian cancer symptoms being discussed here, this one is the most unpredictable one. Almost anyone can be a victim of it. If a person maintains a healthy diet and doesn’t refer to medication pretty often can also be a victim of bowel discomforts such as constipation and other stomach issues. There is no running away from it and these generally last for a long time.


In conclusion, ovarian cancer is a complex and often silent disease that can affect women of all ages. Recognizing its symptoms and understanding its causes are crucial steps in early detection and effective prevention. Stay vigilant, prioritize regular check-ups, and consult with healthcare professionals for your peace of mind and well-being.