Natarajasana – How to do and Benefits

Yoga is a brilliant way of transporting you from the stress of everyday life to the serenity and tranquility of true and unhindered peace. Yoga has been practiced for countless number of years by plenty of happy people all around the world all of who have given very positive remarks in regards to this age old form. Yoga is basically a slow paced workout session followed by minor and major twists in which deep breathing is an integral factor to achieve the perfect stance.

Natarajasana - How to do and Benefits

Yoga has many medicinal applications as well and is known to rid any joint problems and back pains along with other issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. There are a limitless amount of yoga postures which are available for your daily use. In today’s article we shall discuss the Natarajasana posture along with how to do it effectively and its benefits.

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Natarajasana How To Do It?

In Sanskrit, the term Nataraja means the dancing kind where ‘Nat’ stands for dance, ‘Raja’ being the king. An iconic character in the Indian mythology, the Nataraja is a classic dancer, known as the god of dancing, depicted through a dancing figure that has become a traditional icon for the Hindus. Imitating remnants of that very dance posture, here is the Natarajasana.

The English name for this posture is known as the Lord of the dance pose and mainly focuses on body balance as one of the primary requirements. Even though starters may not be at ease with this stance, practice will make you perfect.

  1. Start by placing yourself right in the middle of your yoga mat.
  2. Your arms will be placed right by your side, touching your torso as you align your neck to the spine.
  3. Take a deep breath before lifting one of your limbs, say the left one and swing it slowly all the way to the back.
  4. At the same time, move your arm, the left one towards the back so that you can grab your toe as you swing your leg back.

Now try bringing the toe as high as possible causing you to bend all the way to the front, chest thrust out and shoulders widened. With  the right leg still straight and supporting the body weight, stretch the right arm in front of you, maybe slightly tilted upwards and keep it straight out as you lock the stance and breath normally for a good few seconds. With ease you can even work up to a minute or two.

At the initial stages, use a wall or a support in front of you to break your fall, in case you lose balance. Often you can even opt for the hand ‘mudra’ with your free hand.

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How Does It Help Us?

  • The Natarajasana is proven weight loss yoga. As you stand on your one leg and do your minor stretches, you are inevitably burning calories. Every morning start your first sunrise with this yoga and keep on rocking a hot bod day after day.
  • Apart from the weight gain, one other significant thing that keeps bothering you is the slight feeling of indigestion every time you enjoy a good spicy meal. This is when this yoga once again plays its part in relieving your body of the subsidiary acid formations, thereby keeping you away from indigestion.
  • This is also a proven way to keep your lower limbs strong and firm. As much as you like squats, this yoga would also take care of your lower body muscles, firming them up.
  • The Natarajasana is one of those yoga stances which appeals to the mind as well. A whole load of burden and depression can be shredded away to bits if you indulge in this yoga, two minutes every morning.

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