They are simple gestures made with our hands to transform energy and make use of a connection between the body and the brain. We can do them in any posture, such as sitting, standing, or walking. There are more than 30 such mudras, and some of them are scientifically proven. The duration of holding a mudra could be anywhere between two to three minutes, and we can use them for healing.

Several historical yoga mudras have endless benefits for all ages as they channel positive energy into the body. They help cure physical as well as psychological issues. There are many easy yoga hand mudras for weight loss that you must try.

Some of the mudras are Kalesvara Mudra, whose primary purpose is to control one’s mind. Ganesha Mudra is a boost to your spirits. The Asthma Mudra is primarily for respiratory issues, and the Merudanda Mudra brings about a lot of calming from within. The Akash Mudra takes care of your health; Adi Mudra deals with healthy habits avoiding smoking/drinking. Mudras benefit both physical as well as mental health!

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