Measles Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Measles is an infection that happens in the respiratory system, skin and immune system, which is caused by a virus of paramyxovirus family named Morbillivirus. Measles is highly contagious and it spreads through simple respiration.  Humans are the only hosts to this single-stranded virus. It affects no other species. Coughing, sneezing or direct contact with the secretion is the most common way of being affected by this disease.

Measles Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Children are usually injected with a vaccination which is known as MMR or MMRV vaccines. Measles is usually recognized with the four-day fever peculiar to this disease and rashes post the 96 hours.

Causes And Symptoms Of Measles And Treatment:

This guide will tell about what are the Measles symptoms and causes which are useful know to this health problem.

Symptoms Of Measles:

The symptoms for measles are. The first symptoms are high fever, runny nose, hacking cough and severe cold. Your eyes may turn red and you may develop diarrhea. The incubation period is usually 8-10 days.

1. Fever:

The fever lasts for four straight days along with many more symptoms. The fever sometimes shoots up to 104 degrees accompanied with rashes and red eyes.  This is also accompanied by cough, coryza and conjunctivitis. Sneezing and sore throats are also common symptoms that accompany high fever.

2. Rash:

The fever is followed by the development of rash that spreads all over the body, including the interiors of your mouth. This is usually the way of identifying whether the disease is measles or not. The eruption of the rashes inside your mouth is a sign that confirms the condition to be measles. This generalized rash begins several days after the fever. The rashes usually string along with itching. It starts out pinkish and red and then becomes brown before it eventually disappears.

3. Red Eyes:

One of the primary important signs of oncoming measles is the reddening of the eyes. Often this would be itchy and red and might even result in some soft tears, much like the tired eyes during a high fever.

4. Cough And Phlegm:

Symptoms of measles also include lots of coughing. What starts with a dry cough will soon increase into a mound of phlegm and mucus. It is this very bodily fluid that you should either keep away or be away from since these are highly contagious.

5. Weakness And Chills:

With fever being an imminent part, the next part comprises of chills and shivers running down your spine. Weakness drains over you as you try hard to go by the day. measles for this reason is really endangering to the kids as they get drained of all their energy.

6. Common Cold:

Measles symptoms are usually the same as that of the common cold. Sneezes, cough, stifles and sniffles paired with a running red nose. However, don’t mistake a common cold for measles.

7. Muscle and Joint Pain:

Yet another symptom that measles usually shows is the muscle pain that comes imminently with the fever and the chills. Often you would feel the stiffness set in as your muscles start aching. At times and especially for adults, one would also notice that the joints start swelling.

8. Sore Sensitive Eyes:

Here’s another eye problem that you might face while on your measles days. Along with redness in the eye, you might also feel soreness and tearing and if that’s not enough, light sensitivity will be a common thing now. This last part is especially crucial while judging measles.

9. Appetite Loss:

One of the usual signs of a heavy disease is the sudden loss of appetite that one might increasingly feel. At around this time, one should never resort to force-feeding but should also, never compromise on the nutritional factor.

10. Unusual Fatigue:

Tiredness and fatigue will be yet another rampant sign of measles where you might get unusually tired at any point in time.

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Causes Of Measles:

Some of the causes due to which measles is born are enlisted below.

1. Airborne:

Measles is airborne. By airborne here we mean something that can be contracted through the air. If your friend or a colleague has measles and you by chance have been hanging out with them chances are that at one point of time he might have coughed or scoffed. Even if he was turned the other way, the virus through droplets escaping his mouth can still come and attack you if you are in the near vicinity.

2. Contact:

It is not always air problems that you should be alert about but also the raging issue of contact. This would mean sharing a plate of food or maybe at one point your skin coming in contact with the victimized person. Even a simple touch or the rashes that he sports can get you in harm’s way so it is always advisable that you steer clear of such situations.

3. Vitamin A Lacking:

Measles is mainly a children related disease. Causes of measles in your children, according to a new study shows that often the lack of vitamin A in your system might make you prone to contacting the measles virus. This is why one should always make sure your little one is amply nutritional and healthy with enough vitamin A intake. This would mean fish, carrots, leafy greens, sweet potatoes and such included in the meal.

4. Lack Of Vaccination:

Measles causes can also be related to lack of vaccination where the better part of your childhood was free from painful big syringes but the later part of your infancy was filled with viral diseases. A newborn baby or a baby in general is often therefore advised to go through a series of extensive vaccination procedures so that the baby in the future stays safe and away from viruses like measles.

5. Age Bars:

When it comes to measles, most of the time it has been thoroughly noticed that the main age graph to fall victim to this disease has been the kids, mainly infants. This however is simply a demographic survey and study and in no way means that the later part of youthhood cannot be a risk period.

6. Low Immunity:

Topics like malnutrition have already been discussed before and bringing that under the family term, the basic cause for measles virus to build a home in you is because of your body’s lowering defence system. With low immunity, your body allows more and more scopes for the viruses to set in. this is encouraged more when you as an individual has had previous cases of jaundice or diarrhea added to your list.

7. Too Much Antibiotic Consumption:

As a child or an infant, if you were sick too often and was forced to have too many antibiotics every now and then, chances are that the antibiotic cocktail in your has ingrown an antibody that would not react to the body’s defence system. These antibodies are not helpful to your body and might break down the immunity rendering it useless, once again allowing the viruses to enter freely.

8. Associated Complications:

Having complications are relatively common if you’ve contracted measles. Since your immunity is weakened during this period, mild or trivial issues like a common cold may develop into more serious problems like pneumonia. The complications are much more common or pertinent in cases of adults having contracted measles, than in children.

Measles is caused by a single-stranded virus that is extremely infectious once it infests a body. Simply sharing used objects can also lead to the contraction of the disease.

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9. Immune-Deficient or Immune-Compromised:

These people or children are the most vulnerable to this disease and its associated complications. They are deficient in this context and that can be due to various reasons like AIDS, cancer, leukaemia etc.

10. Malnutrition:

Possibly one of the biggest factors and reasons in underdeveloped countries would be malnutrition. The lacuna of quality food and supplements, not having prior knowledge of eating habits and the absence of medical facilities contribute to be a major factor. This leaves the capability of your immune system to fight pathogens, in a very weak state.

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Measles can be treated right at home, by following certain things. Keeping you hydrated and taking adequate rest are the top things on the list to follow.

  • Keep the patient suffering from the disease away from the other members of your family. Use a different set of objects for the person and in case you have to touch them (to wash or so) then wash your hands properly and use an anti-bacterial or anti-septic.
  • People with measles often find it hard to tolerate bright light, so keep your lights low and dim.
  • Measles often strings with conjunctivitis, and that can strain the person’s eyes. Keep the person’s eye clean using cotton and water. Wipe the crustiness outwards and use a separate ball of cotton for each eye.
  • Keep the patient well hydrated. A tough disease like this one can get very demanding and to fight it, the person should eat, sleep and drink a lot of fluids.