Mandalasana (Circle Pose) – How to do and Benefits

In yoga, ‘asana’ means pose or a posture that is derived by deep rhythmic breathing that is counter balancing the pose. Yoga is a primitive outreach mainly focusing on a happy body. Now a happy body need not be at its fittest, but at the end of the day, a happy body is one who has attained mental calmness throughout the turmoil of the day. Focusing on both mental and physical aspects, yoga is the only workout routine that takes care of both the mind and the body much like the Mandalasana, which uses twists and stretches to get you in the flow.

Mandalasana (Circle Pose) - How to do and Benefits

In today’s article therefore, we speak about this exercise, the steps to performing it and the benefits reaped from it. Often, many yoga poses are simple in nature but for the majority, the first timers may have a hard time getting to achieve perfection. The success story behind this includes sole practice.

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How To Do It?

Also known as the circle pose, the Mandalasana includes soft stretches and twists collaborated with slow paced breathing. The primary focus of yoga is to resolve the conflict amongst the body issues through these simple stretches. Even though the name for this yoga speaks of a circle, the posture in general doesn’t have much to do with circles.

To get things started lie down on your yoga mat, with your back touching the ground, your arms on either side of your body, palms down touching the ground as well. Now start by lifting your body from the ground by bending your knees so that now you form a human table with your body structure.

Your head should still be glued to the ground as well as your feet as you raise your arms and bring them all the way above your head, locking the position by clasping your palms. Now lift one leg. Straight and start making circles with it. Your head and the circle center should be centrally aligned by now.

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Halfway through the leg circles, you need to switch to the other side and by this we don’t mean the other leg. Use one of your limbs to twist yourself to the other side so that you are now facing the ground. Once again lift one leg and start with the circular motions until you go back to the resting position. Take a few seconds to catch your breath before repeating the same with the other limb.

How Does It Help Us?

  • This is a good stomach exercise for faulty stomachs. If you are suffering with a bad stomach pain, it is probably because the food from last night is still doing its rounds. Opt for this exercise3 where the stomach through the stretch and twist helps your food to digest well.
    As you go about making circles with your limb, you are unknowingly making the limb muscles work which is why it strengthens and tones itself down the road.
  • This is also effective for back muscle pains where the constant stretch mixed with the circles will help you relieve your back muscle pain, since the muscles are already being put to work, making them less rigid.
  • This yoga posture is also good for the heart where the heart experiences a blood rush once you put the workout to effect. This blood rush opens up the clogged arteries and jammed ventricles therefore helping you have a stronger heart.
  • Yoga has always been related to peace of mind and indeed so, after a long haul of tiresome office work, when you do indulge in this yoga, you will instantly feel lightweight and depression relieved.

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