Lord Shiva Meditation Techniques for Healthy Life

Lord Shiva is the supreme God of Yoga. We can see take him to be the symbol of a victorious yogi. Shiva has cosmic consciousness which occurs in many forms. He has the incarnation as the peaceful Karma Yogi who sacrificed his ego when he came under Goddess Kali feet and also the dancer with the life as Nataraja.

Lord Shiva Meditation Techniques for Healthy Life

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Lord Shiva Meditation Techniques:

Following are Some Techniques to follow for Shiv Meditation:

  1. Breathe deeply and as you inhale and exhale try realizing about life.
  2. Fill the center every time with the in-breath and out-breath.
  3. When breath is all up and has been stopped or is all down and is stopped you will feel as universal pause. The sense of small disappears and this technique would be difficult for the impure.
  4. Feel the essence as light rays from center and up the vertebrae. It would raise a feeling of liveliness in you.
  5. Concentrate on your mind, stress on the area in between your eyebrows. Let your mind come before your thoughts.
  6. When you close your eyes, try and feel the inner sense of nature. Feel blessed with what you have with you.
  7. Be transformed by concentrating on the nerve which is as delicate as a lotus thread in the center of your spinal cord.
  8. Touch your eyeballs and feel lightness as a feather. This is when you will feel cosmos.
  9. Intone chant Om (a-u-m) slowly.
  10. Feel your body and soul with cosmic essence.=

Shiva Meditation Benefits:

Shiva Meditation is considered to be like a medicine which produced deep state of relaxation and calms the mind. While you meditate you focus on your inner sense and you let go of all externals thoughts. There are three main types of benefits that you can receive from meditation, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Lord Shiva Meditation Techniques for Healthy Life

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Shiva Meditation Physical Benefits:

  1. It decreases respiratory rate.
  2. It reduces oxygen consumption.
  3. It increases the capability to withstand excess exercise.
  4. It stabilizes blood pressure.
  5. Helps you to concentrate better.
  6. There is a decrease in tensed up muscles.
  7. Enhances the immune system.
  8. Helps you lose weight.
  9. It helps you to get away from addictions of smoking and drinking.
  10. Decreased aging process.

Shiva Meditation Emotional Benefits:

  1. It builds self confidence.
  2. Reduces all sorts of phobias and fears
  3. You can control your thoughts and concentrate.
  4. You retention power is increased and you can memorize better.
  5. It helps you improve relationships as you have a positive vibe in you which you share with the world and make it a better place to live in.
  6. You become stronger emotionally when you can handle relationships in a better way.
  7. You can ignore petty issues and not get hyper tensed with each and everything.
  8. You can respond to people much quicker than usual.
  9. You have a calmer mind which doesn’t let you feel restless about anything that is not going right in your life.
  10. You grow into a personality which people look up to. You are smart and sensible and people start taking you more seriously.

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Shiva Meditation Spiritual Benefits:

  • You have a straight perspective.
  • You are in peace of mind and you can draw closer to God.
  • It helps you discover your purpose in life.
  • You grow in wisdom of getting over the worldly things and coming to realize God.
  • You body, mind, spirit is in harmony.
  • You feel deeply relaxed as you draw closer to the Divine energy.
  • You become aware and your feel like you are more aware.
  • You go closer to enlightenment.
  • You become forgiving.
  • You feel the sense of oneness.