Isha Yoga Asanas and its Benefits

Self realization is what any form of yoga teaches us. Isha Yoga thus is a comprehensive way of learning more about ourselves, through the art and science of the ancient technique. By using this program, individuals now can use steps that are important, mandatory and very tangible in making their inner consciousness grow. The Sadhguru has thus come up with techniques that are rare and one of a kind to help people realise their spirit, soul, consciousness and all of it through the art and science of guidance and expert help from a certified yogi.

Isha Yoga Asanas and its Benefits

Isha Yoga is deep and it teaches the individual dimensions and how to communicate with each one of them, using varied experiments. Each of the programs given would be a way or means to establish a connection between the dimensions, which brings in vitality and wholeness to the body and mind, the soul included, say experts.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you deny the worldly pleasures of life, deny family or even your social responsibilities. In fact, such steps should be taken to enhance self realization and personal growth too, say holistic yogic experts

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Wise Words From The Sadhguru:

Everyone meditates at some point in time or the other, if not everyday. Now why should we meditate? You didn’t start your life process, it just “happened”, says sadhguru. When a human is born, the body isn’t the same as what it is when he is an adult, the body then is tiny or small, and over time it grows. This means, we unconsciously have gathered a lot, and accumulated a lot as well. What we call “the body” is actually a gathering or an accumulation of “food”. In the same way, what we call as the “mind” is nothing but a mix of impressions we gather as we grow.

Isha Yoga Asanas and its Benefits

You know it very well, whatever you gather and accumulate is yours, however is it you? NO it is not, says the guru. This is because gathering and accumulation is from another source altogether. So even if you weigh 80 kilos, you still can aim to bring it to 60 kilos in no time. This is because now you consciously dont want to gather more and want to remove 20 kilos of accumulation. The same goes with the mind, when you decide to finally drop it all, it will be dropping off negative impressions, giving you peace and calm in the long run.

The Teachings of ISHA YOGA:

  • You identify with yourself
  • You identify with your experience
  • You identify with what is not you
  • Your perception is clear
  • You experience your body as yourself
  • You experience the mind as yourself
  • You perceive life as a survival game and not as you are now
  • You accept diversity and become more HUMANE
  • Survival is better
  • You are at peace with your body, mind and soul

The Importance of Meditation Using ISHA YOGA:

With meditation, the experience is one of a kind. It is a state of calmness, an inner being which is you in the whole and separated from the rest of the world. This is now your space, your accumulated positive space, and this is how meditation can help

With meditation, you would have more clarity and there wouldn’t be any distortions of sorts. In the present day and age, you only look at the physical aspect of things, events and situations. There are a lot of hurdles and distortions which make you blind from what the big picture is. Without visible clarity, you wouldn’t be confident, but would be a bumbling nincompoop, says the holy sadhguru.

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Isha Yoga Asanas and its Benefits

Over confidence with half baked information happens when the ego takes over. This means people have lack of clarity, and they use false substitutes for temporary relief and satisfaction. Honestly, there is no substitute for clearness. When you understand this concept, you get into a meditative state and everything starts clearing out in front of you.

With isha yoga you now look at life just as it is. Isha yoga helps you to gain a pathway on which you can walk, sans troubles and judgements of any kind. There would be minimal friction, stumbling and no issues to bother off.

Isha Kriya yoga:

Yoga as everyone perceives is for health reasons, to stay fit and a mumbo jumbo of body twists and turns. Some even shudder to think of using yoga for health, because they feel the postures are impossible to use. In fact, yoga has many dimensions, and the ancient art and science of yoga has benefited billions across the globe. It is a way that has brought the body, mind and soul to reach its pinnacle in very short spans.

Isha Yoga Asanas and its Benefits

Living Your Life to The Fullest:

The realized yogic guru has a vision for every individual, which is to offer a drop of spiritualism to every one. This is as he says is only possible through ISHA KRIYA yoga. As sadhguru says, isha yoga is a way which once was only used by ascetics and the well learned yogis. In this day and age, it is being made available to benefit each and every human being who would want to learn more, through their own benefit.

The timeless wisdom is deep rooted in the art and science of yoga, and is a very simple yet effective practice which sadhguru has brought to the world. The source of creation is known as ISHA,  and internal action is KRIYA. The main aim of isha yoga is to ensure that the source is tapped into for better existence, so that life is created henceforth in accordance of the vision and the wishes for the existence of the human.

Isha Yoga Asanas and its Benefits

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Isha Yoga Benefits:

a.  Better health
b.  Better dynamism
c.  More peace
d.  Better wellbeing
e.  Helps cope with modern life