How to Do Super Brain Yoga Asanas and Benefits

The brain is one of the most crucial parts of your body, and to maintain its health, we have a simple yoga called the Super Brain Yoga. In a fully developed human brain, there are more than 300 million neurons that connect the left brain to the right brain. A delicate organ isn’t it? Now that you know the delicacy and importance of the human brain tell me what are you doing to maintain it’s health? In this article, we are going to discuss a very simple yet powerful technique called the Super Brain yoga that keeps your brain fit and also enhances it’s functioning. It can make you even smarter and a psychologically balanced personality. It works best for calming down hyperactive kids and channeling their hyper activeness in the right direction. Read here to know more.

How to Do Super Brain Yoga Asanas and Benefits

What is Super Brain Yoga?

Super Brain Yoga is a simple exercise that doesn’t involve any twisting or turning of the body. It is only simple squatting that too needs to be done only in the morning for 7 times, and still, you can reap the benefits of the same. It is a yoga for brain power, a practice that involves activating the acupuncture points of the ears that stimulate the mind.

This super brain power yoga aids in keeping the brain efficient and enhancing its mental functions. It makes you smarter and also psychologically balanced. This method is best for hyperactive children and works well with teenagers, autistic people, old people, and even people suffering from ADD/ADHD.

Just as you do physical exercise to maintain and strengthen the muscles, Super Brain yoga must be done daily to maintain the health of your brain and help it function better. If you practice it well, it can release the energy trapped in the lower part of your body (basic chakra) and send them upwards to the brain (crown chakra) and thus improves your intelligence as well as creativity. Let us now learn how you can do this super yoga for the brain.

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How to do Super Brain Yoga?

Super Brain yoga is very simple, but you must practice it in the right manner to reap the benefits of this asana. The best time to do this asana is in the morning when the sun is rising.


  • Stand straight facing east (In the direction of the rising sun)


Once you are standing in the right direction following are the steps to be followed to do it correctly:

  • Connect your tongue to your palate (upper part of the mouth just behind the teeth)
  • Bend your left arm from your elbow and extend it to hold the right earlobe using your thumb and the index finger. Make sure your thumb is facing the front.
  • Now similarly bend the right arm from the elbow and hold the left earlobe using the thumb and index finger again thumb facing the front.
  • Make sure your left arm is closer to your heart and is tucked inside the right hand.
  • Now stay steady, take a deep breath in, hold your breath, and squat down fully. Hold your breath until you arise from the squat and then breathe out.
  • Repeat the process 7 times.
  • Till the process is complete, do not let the tongue off your palate or hands off the earlobes.


Though the method seems simple and too hard to believe the magical results it can produce, practice it yourself for 3 months and see the difference in your concentration level. In 7 months, you can even notice that your cognitive abilities have improved.

Super Brain Yoga:

How to Do Super Brain Yoga Asanas and Benefits

Did you know that something as simple as holding your ear lobes can be a form of yoga and can help you recharge and revitalize your brain and make you fresh again? This is called Super Brain Yoga. Super Brain is basically an ancient form of Yoga re-introduced and supported by the research of Master Choa Kok Sui in his book, “Super Brain yoga.”Super Brain yoga transforms the energies from the lower energy centres in the body into higher subtler energies.T his particular yoga style synchronizes the left and the right side of your brain. The right ear lobe activates the left hemisphere of the brain while the left ear lobe activates the right hemisphere of the brain on being pressed or massaged by acting as powerful acupuncture pressure points. So, in this way, superbrain yoga increases memory and clarity of thinking in a person on being practiced on a daily basis. Also, practicing this form of yoga is also beneficial for the throat, forehead, and libido. Some studies show that children with a congenital disease like

Down Syndrome that leads to slower or retarded mental developmental and delay in the achievement of many mental landmarks also showed some degree of improvement by practicing this form of yoga regularly.

The best part about this particular form or style of Yoga is that it is super easy to perform and everyone can inculcate it into their daily routine. Super Brain yoga benefits people of all ages and from all spheres of life in one way or the other. You can even perform it during your lunch break in office in a vacant room or as a group activity and get rid of lethargy and restart with your work on a fresh note. Doctors and other health professionals use Super-Brain Yoga to improve mental health, while educators and teachers may propagate it to help students improve concentration and attention span. Athletes can exploit this form of Yoga to enhance their overall brain-body performance. Below are steps on how to perform Super Brain yoga.

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How to go About Performing Super Brain Yoga:

Start by standing erect at ease.

  • Hold your right earlobe with index finger and thumb of your left hand. The thumb should be facing away from you.
  • Hold your left earlobe with the index finger and thumb of your right hand in a similar fashion so that the thumb faces away from you.
  • The left-arm must be inside, while the right arm must be outside. Press your tongue against your hard palate.
  • Breathe in and slowly come into a squatting position.
  • Hold your breath while sitting.
  • Start moving back in standing position. You may slowly breathe out while doing so.

Repeat this 15 times. You may perform this twice or thrice in a day.

Another simple form of Super Brain yoga is performing Bhramari yoga or pranayama. Pranayam refers to deep breathing techniques. The word ‘‘Bhramari’’ means bee. Bhramari Pranayama is one of the best breathing exercises to release the mental tension and de-stress yourself and channelizes energy to your brain and makes it refreshed. Performing this Pranayama increases the electromagnetic field in the brain. It activates the ENT pathways, too. The technique is said to improve hearing, vision, and neuro-activity.

Bhramari Pranayama involves sitting cross-legged on the yoga mat while maintaining a straight posture. Now, close both your ears with your thumbs. Put your fingers on your closed eyes, gently. Put your index fingers on your temples and press lightly. Likewise, Place the ring fingers and little fingers on the bridge of your nose. Now breathe inhale and exhale while making a humming sound like a bee. Carry on for 11-21 times.

Super Brain Yoga Benefits

Let us now explore the benefits of Super Brain yoga:

  • The alpha brain waves are synchronized by regularly practicing Super Brain yoga, which ultimately leads to energizing and activation of the brain.
  • It helps in reducing the stress and improving the psychological condition
  • The brain becomes more receptive and thus improves your sharpness and creativity
  • The functioning of the brain is improved
  • It improves the condition of the people suffering from dyslexia, anxiety, depression, dementia, ADHD, brain fog and autism
  • It works wonders in older people and drastically improves their memory
  • It also increases the inner calmness and peace and also aids in controlling the appetite and maintaining good health.

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As you can see, Super Brain Yoga is very simple, yet one of the most powerful forms of yoga. So, go ahead and explore Super Brain yoga for yourself and don’t forget to share it with someone who is suffering from some psychological illness as he might be in dire need of it and might be totally unaware of something as powerful as the Super Brain yoga existing that might bring a complete turnaround in their life. Happy reading!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: How Often Can One Practice The Super Brain Yoga?

Answer 1: Though you may find it simple, you don’t need to do Super Brain yoga frequently throughout, it is advisable to do it only once in the morning facing the east for 7-10 times and should be at maximum be done twice a day.

Question 2: Is Super Brain Yoga Really Effective?

Answer 2: Yes, Super Brain yoga, as the name suggests, is extremely effective. Clinical tests have proven that regularly practicing Super Brain yoga can lead to the efficient and fast working of the brain. Due to this, it is often referred to as the new form of Yoga that improves the brain.

Question 3: Does Yoga increase IQ?

Answer 3: Clinical tests have shown that regular practice of Super Brain yoga leads to raising your IQ level and also increasing your memory. So, yes, Super Brain yoga can increase the IQ of a person.