How to Build Muscle: A Complete Gym Workout Guide

Gyms and health clubs are some of the most important in the world that not only make a lot of money but also improve your health and fitness standards. There are several reasons why people join gyms. It energizes and motivates you, promotes weight loss and also gives you guidance and tips about diet and nutrition. But it also important to know on how you should use the gym. Refer to the paragraphs below.

How to Build Muscle: A Complete Gym Workout Guide

Be Diligent:

No matter how tired and exhausted you might be in life, it is important for you to go the gym two to three times a day. What time you are going doesn’t really matter. All you need is some commitment and the effort to keep it going. Go to the gym before going back home after work. It’s the first and the hardest step to accomplish but will surely give you good results.

Warm Up:

If you are someone who goes to the gym daily, you are aware of how difficult and time-consuming some of the exercises can be. So before you jump into hardcore workout, you must spend ten minutes doing some warm-up. This includes stretches; spot jogging, butt kicks, squats and knee jumps.

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Don’t Overdo It:

It’s great to push yourself and see what you are capable of. But don’t overdo anything. You don’t have to do three to four sets if your level is not that high. One set of twenty is enough. There is no need to lift heavy equipment if your muscles are feeling a strain. This will help you feel better and do your best as well.

Set Yourself a Limit:

Don’t think of taking a rest between machines. Limit yourself to four to five machines, if possible seven. Try using machines instead of free weights. This is very important for you before you start indulging time into some core workout. They will keep you in proper form.

Work Out on the major muscle groups:

You don’t need curls. Arms can be worked indirectly by doing shoulder, back and chest exercises. The slower you move your weight, the better it is for you. If you rush, the inertia would take over and you won’t be working all the muscles that you are supposed to. Keep this tip in mind.

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Push Yourself and Cool Down:

Try to go as fast as you can to sweat. Don’t even try to read on the treadmill because that will slow you down. Once you have settled into one particular routine, do some interval training for about two minutes and the cool down for a few minutes. If you are going to do some cardio, build up the intensity very slowly.

Reward Yourself:

When you have worked so hard, why won’t you reward yourself? Go and spend some time in the pool, take a nice long shower, go to the steam room or try some sauna. It will help you feel relaxed, freshened and much rejuvenated.

Eat a Healthy Diet At Home:

When you are at home, eat a healthy diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables and stay away from sweets and deep-fried foods. Don’t drink alcohol or too much soda. Try to include as much protein as you possibly can.

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Do Something Else:

On the day you miss going to the gym, you can do something else. Even if it is just working out for fifteen minutes, do it. Small exercises always count. Use the stairs, do some spot jogging, squats and jumping jacks.